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Monday, August 06, 2018

OFW Scalded By Employer In Saudi Arabia

Cases of maltreatment and inhumane treatment of the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) working as household service workers (HSW) in the Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia continues to surface in spite of the efforts of the Philippine government to assure their protection and welfare. Earlier this year, President Duterte ordered a total deployment ban of OFWs in Kuwait which is later lifted after the Kuwaiti government complied with the memorandum of understanding concerning OFWs. The MOU was signed by both countries.
Very recently, another OFW maltreatment case is making rounds on social media concerning an OFW in Saudi Arabia. Should a deployment ban be carried out in Saudi Arabia as well to stop this?


 Gealyn Tumalip-Gavanes was only working as an HSW in Damman, Saudi Arabia for two months and she was already experiencing maltreatment from the hands of her employer. She once informed her recruitment agency about the ill-treatment but instead of finding help and things get better, it only worsens the situation.

When her employer knew that she reported it to her agency, they got angry and pour boiling water on her which caused flaying on her entire back peeling it off. There is an information that her employer allegedly called police authorities and asked to arrest Gavanes for stealing a perfume from them and even forced the OFW to tell them that her scalded back was self-inflicted. However, the report is yet to be verified.
Her family in the Philippines are greatly worried. They are trying to get any possible help to repatriate her.

Gavanes is now under the custody of Overseas Worker Welfare Administration and at the Dammam Central Hospital for treatment.
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