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Friday, January 13, 2017


It's a dream of every Overseas Filipino Workers to have a stable income and stay in the Philippines for good with families.Many OFWs already fulfill this dream and living with their families back home now, while for the other, it is still an elusive dream.

They said OFWs should invest or put a business if they want to stay at home for good. But without an enough knowledge on business, many of us doesn't give it a try because we are afraid of failures or our earnings turn into nothing.

But here's a good news to all OFWs who wants to venture in business.

(WATCH: Ang Negosyo Center)

(WATCH:Negosyo Center: Ang Mga Serbisyo ng Negosyo Center)

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) opened a special lane for OFWs at Negosyo Centers nationwide.

This special lane will provide OFWs and their families an option to either pursue business and stay in the country for good or continue working abroad and entrust business to their families and relatives.

Here's a an example success story of an OFW:

An OFW family went to a Negosyo Center in Iloilo City to explore possible government support it could get in rolling out a business.

Completing the initial registration, the OFW family was provided the training needed to start a small pastry shop. Taking advantage of an OFW facility offered by a local bank, the family expanded its bakeshop by purchasing more equipment.

With such improvements, the family’s local pastry shop has now become one of the suppliers of cupcakes served in Filipino coffee shops and retail outlets.

In line with this DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez is calling to all OFWs to invest back in the Philippines as demand for work abroad may not be an all-time high. 

He said that OFWs may explore idea-based, demand-driven and innovation-led business and investment opportunities at home in the industries of food, franchising, agriculture, and services.

“OFWs’ distinguishing characteristic of being hardworking is the same element that will lead them to a better quality of life,” he said.

As of now there are 447 Negosyo Center all over the country where OFWs can visit to inquire about business.

(WATCH:Negosyo Center: Pagpaplano Ng Isang Negosyo)

(WATCH:Negosyo Center: Pagpipili ng Negosyo)

Functions of the Negosyo Centers

The Centers will be responsible for promoting “ease of doing business and facilitating access to services for MSMEs within its jurisdiction”, such as:

a) Business Registration Assistance

1. Accept and facilitate all new registration and renewal application of MSMEs, including application for Barangay Micro-Business Enterprise (BMBE);

2. Coordinate with the respective local government units (LGUs) and liaise with concerned government agencies to process the duly accomplished forms submitted by the MSMEs;

3. Implement a unified business registration process preferably through automated systems such as the Philippine Business Registry (PBR);

b) Business Advisory Services

1. Assist MSMEs in meeting regulatory requirements to start and maintain the business;

2. Build local support networks and establish market linkages for MSME development through the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development (MSMED) Council and DTI;

3. Facilitate access to grants and other forms of financial assistance, shared service facilities and equipment, and other support for MSMEs through national government agencies (NGAs);

4. Ensure management guidance, assistance and improvement of the working conditions of MSMEs;
Co-organize with the local chambers of commerce, other business organizations and government agencies, a mentoring program for prospective and current entrepreneurs and investors;

5. Conduct other programs or projects for entrepreneurial development in the country aligned with the MSMEs development plan.

c) Business Information and Advocacy

1. Provide information and services in training, financing, marketing and other areas as may be required by MSMEs;

2. Establish and maintain a databank which will support business information requirements of MSMEs;

3. Promote ease of doing business and access to services for MSMEs within its jurisdiction;

4. Support private sector activities relating to MSMEs development;

5. Encourage government institutions that are related to the business application process to help promulgate information regarding the Negosyo Center;

6 .Coordinate with schools and related organizations on the development of youth entrepreneurship program;

7. Encourage women entrepreneurship through access to information, training, credit facilities, and other forms of assistance.

d) Monitoring and Evaluation

1. Monitor and recommend business-process improvement for MSMEs;

2. Establish a feedback mechanism among the MSMEs in the respective jurisdiction of Negosyo Centers.

e) Perform such other functions that may be assigned by the MSMED Council as germane to RA 10644 and other related laws.


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