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Monday, January 23, 2017


"Selfie" has been popular with the rise of smartphones with good cameras.
Some people just can't help  to strike a pose against anything and snap a selfie to post on their social media account and see how many reactions it can get.
 Some selfies has gone wrong . Some are fatal. A medical study even believe that it is actually a mental disorder.

This time, an OFW  instantly lost her job just because of taking a selfie.

Joy has been told to look after the child on her care while the kid is on the swimming pool learning how to swim. But as soon her employer left, she snapped a selfie and uploaded it on Facebook.

She did not notice that the kid she supposed to look after pulled another kid, a child of her employers friend,  under the pool.
The kid told that matter to her mother and said that instead of looking after the kid, the nanny was busy taking selfies, that's why she did not even saw what the kid did to him/her. She could have prevented the kid from pulling him/her under the pool.

The kid's mother told it to Joy's employer and after learning what has happened, the employer immediately fired Joy.
Telling her that she prioritized taking a selfie instead of  taking care and looking after  the kid, the employer terminated her contract and Joy could not do anything about it.

Her eagerness to have a selfie on a beautiful swimming pool where she was at that moment made her forget the reminders of her employer resulted to a mischief. She was so ashamed and full of regrets but it has been done and though she promised not to do it again, she already lost her job and regrets will not change anything anymore.

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