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Thursday, November 27, 2014

FREE Online Entrepreneurship Training And Certification with Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Hewlett-Packard, one of the leading information technology company in USA is offering FREE e-learning opportunity with mentoring and certification. 

Their program is aimed to empower entrepreneurship, business and IT skills. The courses are interactive, self-paced, and full of practical exercises.

They offer courses in Finance, Marketing, Operation and Communication

Course overview

As  well they offer:

* Social Entrepreneurship 
*Effective Leadership
*Strategic Planning.

How does it work? To get started simply register on their website 

Once registered, you choose a course that you want to pursue, 

Choose a course

Go to the courses area to see what courses are currently available and get a preview of future courses in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Communications, and Operations. Each course will include these sections:

Start · Start here for a brief overview of what is covered in the course and how it will benefit your business.

Story · View a brief story in which an entrepreneur like you deals with a typical small business challenge.

Business concept · Engage in activities that help you learn key business ideas and success strategies related to the course.

Technology skill · Explore hands-on activities that teach key technology skills that can save you time and effort as you apply the concepts to your own small business.

Course discussion · Share your thoughts about how you can use what you’ve learned to help you build your own small business. Explore other people’s ideas and join an online conversation.

Certification ·Once you’ve completed the business concept and technology skill activities, take a brief survey and receive a customized certificate of completion.

Next steps · Discover additional resources and other related courses to explore. 

Get an e-Mentor

Active, engaged members of the HP LIFE online learning community may qualify for group or individual mentoring from HP’s skilled and dedicated technology and business experts.
  • Level 1 · Recorded presentations and open discussion forums
  • Level 2 · Live webinars
  • Level 3 · Private Discussion Forums
  • Level 4 · One-to-One Virtual Mentoring