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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Do You Know The Overseas Workers Health and Life Insurance Benefits From OWWA?

Even just a cheap life insurance is a must-have for Filipinos working overseas. It is important that they have a health insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance through OWWA, with more or less P1300 for two-years or P650 yearly. From the current exchange rate of $25 as a membership fee, you will have the following; life insurance and compensation insurance, as well as health benefits. Other benefits are also available full details here, but this post will focus on the workers' insurance and health benefits.
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Overseas Workers member is provided with the following health benefits and insurance within the duration of their contract (per contract basis, with a maximum of 2 years contract)

1) Disability and Dismemberment Benefits

An OWWA beneficiary receiving benefit. Image is taken from OWWA FB page

This is an accident insurance or workers compensation insurance. A member is entitled to disability/dismemberment benefit of up to P100, 000.00 for injuries sustained due to an accident while working abroad. Qualified are active OWWA members

To claim the insurance benefits, please prepare the following requirements;

1) Foreign medical certificate
2) Medical certificate issued by the local attending physician with medical examination procedure. (e.g X-ray, MRI, CT Scan)
3) Accident Report/Master’s Report for sea-based OFW.

Image result for OWWA disability

The OWWA MEDplus for OFWs serves as a health insurance, but provides a supplemental medical relief for active OWWA OFW-members afflicted with dreaded diseases and were hospitalized, either at the job sites or while in the Philippines.

OFW-member must be an active OWWA and Philhealth member at the time of confinement/treatment. Confinements both local and overseas are covered effective 01 February 2017. Philhealth must have paid the case rate benefits prior to Availment of the MEDplus by the OWWA member not to exceed P50,000 per OFW-member.

Hereunder are the requirements of the program:

1. OWWA Receipt/OFW Verification Sheet
2. Member’s Data Record (MDR) issued by Philhealth
3. Passport size ID picture
4. Passport Copy
5. PhilHealth Benefit Payment Notice with case rate or Claim Status receipt indicating amount claimed at Philhealth or screenshot of Benefits Information through Philhealth Portal.
6. Duly accomplished OWWA MEDplus application Form

3) Death Benefit

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The family of an active OFW at the time of his death is entitled to receive P100, 000.00 if the cause of death is natural, and P200, 000.00 if the cause of death is an accident. This is both life insurance. On top of the death benefit, a rider of P20, 000.00 will be received by the beneficiaries for the funeral expenses. Qualified are beneficiaries or family members of active OWWA member who died. Just make sure that the OFW is an active member of the time of passing.

To claim the benefits of this low-cost life insurance, beneficiaries must prepare the following requirements;

1.     Original Death Certificate issued by the local civil registrar or authenticated by National Census and Statistics Office (NCSO)

2.     Foreign Death Certificate for OFWs who died abroad including Airway Bill and Consular Mortuary Certificate or No Objection Certificate

3.     Accident Report for death due to an accident

4.     Burial permit

5.     Official receipt of funeral expenses

6.     Two (2) valid IDs and one (1) pc. ID picture of the claimant

7.     Certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) of OFW from NCSO (if OFW is single)

8.     Any of the applicable documents certified by the local civil registrar (LCR) or NCSO

9.     Marriage certificate- if the claimant is the spouse

10. Birth certificate of OFW- if the claimant is father or mother

11. Birth certificate of child and death certificate of a deceased spouse – if the claimant is the child

12. Affidavit of undertaking executed by the claimant (Police report if death is due to an accident)

In the absence of Birth/Marriage Certificate, the following must be submitted:

1. Certificate from Local Civil Registrar that fact of birth/marriage is not recorded in the civil registry

2. Baptismal/marriage certificate certified by the Parish Priest/Office

3. Affidavit of 2 disinterested persons regarding the fact of birth/marriage and claimant’s relationship to the deceased, with a photocopy of their 2 valid 

1.What are the benefits and coverages of the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance?  The benefits of the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance are as follows: a)Accidental Death Benefit-                       USD 15,000.00    b)Natural Death Benefit-                             USD 10,000.0  c)Permanent Total Disablement Benefit   USD 7,500.00  d)Repatriation Cost Benefit                        Actual cost  e)Subsistence Allowance Benefit;       USD100.00 per month for a maximum of six (6) months                                                                               f)Money Claims Benefit;             Three (3) months for                                                        every year of employment                                              contract with a maximum  of USD 1,000.00 per month  g)Compassionate Visit Bene                     Actual cost  h)Medical Evacuation Benefit                   Actual cost  i)Medical Repatriation Benefit.                  Actual cost   2. What is the Accidental Death Benefit?  When an insured OFW covered by the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance dies from an accident,   USD 15,000.00 will be paid to his/her listed beneficiaries.If there are more than one listed beneficiaries, the payment will be divided equally among them. Examples of deaths due to accidents are car accidents and  work-related accidents in the factory and in the construction site. 3. What is the Natural Death Benefit? When an insured OFW covered by the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance dies from causes aside from accidents,USD 10,000.00 will be paid to his/her listed beneficiaries. If there are more than one listed beneficiaries, the payment will be divided equally among them. 4. Is suicide covered by the Agency- Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance? Yes. The coverage starts at the enforcement of the insurance coverage. The usual 2-year contestability period in insurance contracts is not applicable for the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance.  5. What is the Total Permanent Disablement Benefit? When an insured OFW covered by the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insuranceis totally and permanently disabled,USD 7,500.00 will be paid to him/her. The Total Permanent Disablement Benefit can be claimed if any of the following  wil happen:  a)  Permanent damage to both eyes. b)  Permanent damage to both hands (i.e. paralyzed or cut at or above          the wrists;  c) Permanent damage to both feet (i.e. paralyzed or cut at or above the  ankles) and  d)  Permanent damage to the head (comatose or insanity).   The permanent disablement should be due to an accident or any health-related cause or sickness suffered during the insured’s employment.  6. If an insured OFW lost one limb (arm or foot) or an eye, Is there a partial payment for the disability? None. The Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance only covers permanent and total damage to both arms, feet, and eyes.  7. What is the Repatriation Cost Benefit? In case the insured OFW was terminated by his/her employer without any valid cause, or the employee resigns with valid cause, the actual cost of transportation (air fare only) is covered by the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance.    The proceeds of this benefit go directly to the agency to reimburse the cost of one-way plane ticket back to  the Philippines. The Repatriation Cost Benefit also covers the cost of personal belongings of the insured OFW in case of death.   In case of the insured OFW’s death, the insurance company shall render assistance in the transport of the remains and belongings through the use of their service providers (American Assist or SOS).  8. What are the valid reasons for claiming the Repatriation Cost Benefit ? The Repatriation Cost Benefit can be claimed when any of the following happens:   a) Illegal termination by the insured OFW’s employer–   termination of work contract without valid reason b) Non-payment of salary c) Maltreatment; d) Overworked e) Poor living conditions (e.g. no running water in living      quarter, no proper bed, etc. f) Poor working conditions (e.g. non-payment of agreed     bonus, no break-time during work hours, etc.); and g) Medical reasons Homesickness, loneliness, laziness, personal problems, criminal offenses and violation of Employer rules are not valid reasons and are not covered by the Repatriation Cost Benefit.  9. What is the Subsistence Allowance Benefit?  When an insured files a case against his/her employer at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), the OFW is entitled to subsistence allowance of USD 100.00per month, for a maximum of six (6) months, will be given to the OFW to defray his/her living expenses.  10. What is the Money Claims Benefit? Money Claims Benefit is the settlement money or adjudged amount for the remaining months/years of employment contract from a case filed by an OFW against his/her recruitment agency with the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC). Should the NLRC renders judgment in favor of the OFW, the recruitment/manning agency will settle the money. Within thirty (30) days, the recruitment/manning agency, must give the settlement or amount adjudged to the OFW.  11. What is the Compassionate Visit Benefit?    When an insured OFW is hospitalized and confined or to be confined for at least seven (7) consecutive days he/she shall be entitled to a compassionate visit by one (1) family member or a requested individual. The insurance company shall cover the actual cost of transportation (2-way airfare) of a family member or the requested individual to the major airport closest to the place of hospitalization of the insured OFW. The family member or the requested individual shall secure the required visa and other travel documents on his/her own.   12. What is the Medical Evacuation Benefit?  When an insured OFW’s medical needs cannot be provided for by the nearest medical facility, evacuation in any mode of transportation necessary shall be covered by the insurance company. This requires prior approval of the insurance company’s physician or consulting physician. The medical evacuation shall be under appropriate medical supervision. In practice, the insurance company’s service provider performs the medical evacuation.   13. What is the Medical Repatriation Benefit? When an insured OFW will no longer able to perform work due to a medical condition, repatriation under medical supervision shall be covered by the insurance company. This requires prior approval of the insurance company’s physician and consulting physician.   14. The Return of the Mortal Remains Benefit is embedded in the repatriation cost benefit. Refer to question #7 What is the Repatriation Cost Benefit? for further details.

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