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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Do You Know The Negative Sides Of Migrating To Canada?

Most people especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in other parts of the world, dream of migrating to Canada thinking that that life is very easy, laid back, fun, cool, like they see in movies which is only one side of the story. Most Canada migration consultancy will entice you on how good living in Canada is, the free health care, good weather, easy immigration, etc. They seldom talk about the high taxes and families being torn apart because divorce is legal. Just paying rent or mortgage would finish most deposits off as it would be difficult to find a good job right away without Canadian experience.

Just paying rent or mortgage would finish most deposits off as it would be difficult to find a good job right away without Canadian experience.
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Nothing comes easy in life, and there is no substitute for hard work. But even with all the hard work you might need to make lady luck smile at you for everything to come in its right place. It doesn't matter which country you are in, you may need to exert extra effort if you want to succeed.

Canada won't give you instant riches but in fact could be a nightmare for you and your family if you encounter the negative sides of it.

According to an immigration consultant, there are negative sides of migrating to Canada as their clients actually experienced on day to day basis . 

The first downside is that divorce is legally practiced in Canada.
There are families who had been torn apart due to divorcing parents. 40% of people coming to Canada get divorced.

Even if you are a PhD holder and were a scientist back home , be willing to get into the workforce and gain experience. Your degree or position before is mot a guarantee that you can get the same job in Canada. Disappointed? Yes you will surely be but that's how it works in this country.

Canada is a very expensive country to live in and unless you are a multi millionaire. The money you brought with you will vanish in a matter of few months. Just paying rent or mortgage would finish most deposits off as it would be difficult to find a good job right away without Canadian experience. Unless of course you came with a work visa

You need to learn the language  proficiently, as no employer wants to hire people who cannot speak the language commonly spoken, unless it is like janitor jobs , or garbage cleaners, where language and interpersonal skills don't come much in use, or you find a job in your own community where you can survive speaking your own language which is very difficult. You need to speak fluent English and French if you want to land better jobs.

Every member of the family has to work, as it is extremely expensive to live here and even kids have to do part time jobs to continue education at the university level and going to university is extremely expensive! 

Culture shock and identity crisis is very common so that people tend to go extreme ends of the spectrum. Also don't forget that kids adapt way faster and start behaving like the kids here because of peer pressure and can cause extreme stress, tension, and more generation gap issues in most migrated families. You might lose the values that you want your offsprings to inherit.

 Travelling to your home country is extremely expensive, as it usually takes like $10000 for a family to go back for a holiday and return! Moreover usually no employer will give you permission to go away more than two weeks, and people who are doing business don't have the luxury of travelling .

Most people will say they love to live in Canada but the initial struggle phase is real. It can even bring most people to the brink of despair and depression. Success only comes if you have tons of patience. You need to focus and work hard for it wherever you are.
Bottom line is that, if you are planning to migrate in Canada, you need to thoroughly plan it. It is not what really you perceive it to be so you better get ready for the worse and hope for the best.

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