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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

8 Wonderful Examples of 3-Bedroom Homes

Three bedroom house plan with two or three bathrooms are the most common nowadays. In this beautiful collection of house designs from Strong Land Builders based in Thailand, we collect houses of different sizes and styles that may inspire you to have one!


House Design No. 1

House number 1 is a contemporary 3 bedrooms and two-bathroom house. You may agree that 3-bedroom and 2-bathrooms house is the right number for many homeowners. 

You may ask why? Because with three bedrooms, it gives you enough room for an office and a guest room, or two kids' rooms,  or a hobby place.  How striking is this one-story home? 

The white structure, topped with a gray roof grabs your attention and looks modern, fresh and so much prettier than normal bungalows! The total area of this house is 102 SQM.

House Design No. 2

A super contemporary house and amazingly stylish!  When you want to make a one-story home a little more classic and stylish, monochrome facade touches are hard to beat. The roof tiles here look great against the white render. 

Not to mention the stone cladding and the portico that makes this house truly gorgeous, inside out! This house has a total area of 157 SQM with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living area as well as kitchen and dining spaces. 

House Design No. 3 

This lovely white one-story home is perfectly placed. The exterior colors are lovely that add so much softness and charm to the overall beauty of the house. 

Aside from that, the front facade of this home presents an elegant design with its clean, white lines appearing fresh at the same time modern. The design is compact but highly functional!

 This house is also designed with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area, a spacious living room, and a terrace!


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House Design No. 4

Modern and boxy best describe this facade that creates a clear difference between glass and concrete but still blends both elements so well. 

The house is compose of three bedrooms and one bathroom. The side is occupied by an equally sleek-looking terrace that is perfect for homeowners to enjoy their surroundings or a place that would be useful for early morning newspaper reading or coffee-drinking.

House Design No. 5 

The concrete structure of this home makes this house looks so special.  Almost traditional in style, but concrete and glass have been used to create a beautiful house in this building that offers a very modern in terms of bungalow design. 

This dream house combines a modern style with the traditional frame on the exterior plus its multi-valley roof.  It also incorporates glass windows for easy natural light entry inside. 

But if staying indoors becomes dull, you also have the option of lounging by the small terrace in front. This house is also composed of three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

House Design No. 6 

Living on the farm need not be boring with this amazing house.  If you want a home with a view, we suggest that you take inspiration from this fantastic build in the middle of rice fields. A house with a traditional design is a brilliant addition to the landscape. 

Traditional but it has modern touches on the interior. With its gray roof, the aesthetic is striking while neutral render color looks chic and petty and the terrace must be a wonderful place for everyone to pass time or simply enjoy the moment of serenity.  

This house is also composed of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

House Design No. 7

Any one-story home can go all out in terms of charming finishes on the outside, as this fabulous blue and brown house proves. 

Although it’s quite a simple house, the addition of brownstone cladding has elevated it to dream home status in an instant, whilst that dark roof lends a contemporary edge. Indeed this one is a lovely three-bedroom and two-bathroom home that is truly inspiring.

House Design No. 8

It’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it. As long as you account for all the rooms you need, why have a huge mansion when you'll never use its full potential? 

This small, modern and striking property proves that small can be impressively stylish. This boxy house is also planned to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


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