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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kuwait Sets Labor Law For Rights And Protection of Domestic Workers

Recruiters of household employees in Kuwait are facing problems when their recruit end up in neighboring countries like Saudi, Egypt, Lebanon and other gulf countries. These problems usually arise with expatriate employers who were taking their household employees outside Kuwait without informing the agency. 

In order to prevent further problems with household service workers, the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has set a rule preventing expatriates from hiring Filipino domestic workers, or for non-Kuwaiti employers to get an approval first from the embassy. 

There is an estimated 660,000 household workers in Kuwait. Recruiting firms would usually charge fees of between KD 400 to KD 1,500 to hire a domestic worker for up to two years. The charges are typically determined by the nationality of the domestic worker with agencies charging the highest fees for Filipino domestic workers.

 According to another concerned employer, there are also some who would hire domestic worker and force them to work for another family in exchange for money. 

Last year, the parliament adopted its first ever domestic workers labor law, regulating the thriving industry.Under the new labor law, domestic workers are granted the right to

a weekly day off, 

30 days of annual paid leave, 

12-hour working day with rest, 
and an end-of-service benefit of one month a year at the end of the contract, among other rights. Kuwait is the first in the Arab Gulf states to pass such a law.