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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thousands of OFWs Lose Jobs In Middle East

Thousands of OFWs working in oil companies, hospital and government controlled firms in the Middle East are losing their jobs.

According to a recent report about 4,000 OFW working in oil companies lose jobs in the Middle East. The Philippine Association of Service Exporter Inc. (PASEI) said that the retrenchment is due to the drop in oil price, which also resulted in decrease in job orders.
In Qatar, over 300 OFWs were also terminated. Including those who were laid off were working for government controlled corporation and 22 nurses working in health care center operated by Qatar government.  The decision to terminate these OFWs, are more of company decision and not because of the drop in oil price since Qatar is not dependent to income from oil, as it is  also a producer of natural gas. 
Philippine Ambassador in Qatar said those who were terminated were also given two to three months to look for jobs. And according to report, most of those terminated would rather stay in Qatar and apply for jobs than go home to Philippines. Ambassador Santos also said there are still job opportunities for Filipinos to work there and there is no decline in the number of job orders. He added, job orders remain high for skilled workers including architects, engineers, pharmacists and healthcare professionals.