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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Warning: Fundraising In Saudi Without Official License Could Land You In Jail And Face Deportation

This serves as warning to anyone involve in doing fundraising activity in the Kingdom. According to the source: "Indulging in charity work or fundraising activity in the Kingdom without license or official permission will invite various penalties, jail terms and deportation as per the Kingdom’s law."
Whoever is caught collecting donations or doing fundraising without official license shall be subject to jail sentence of 6 months to 2 years and deportation for foreigners after serving their jail sentence.
According to Article 18, individuals who raise funds or collect donations without official licenses and approvals are punishable with a jail sentence of between six months and two years, while non-Saudis will be deported upon completion of the sentence.

In addition, although an entity or charitable organization has permit and license to conduct fundraising, they are not allowed to receive donation from non-Saudi whether they are in the Kingdom or in other countries (subject to some exceptions). 
As per Article 8, licensed parties may not receive donations from non-Saudi people or entities inside or outside the Kingdom except as per the specified controls under the regulations.