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Monday, February 08, 2016

PhilHealth Policy Holder Complained- Insurance Benefit Took Almost 3 Years To Be Released

Almost three years ago, this PhilHealth insurance policy holder filed insurance claim for her maternity benefit. But she did not received it and was waiting for the refund of her insurance claim for   years. 

The insurance policy holder gave birth back in 2013. According to her, PhilHealth told them that they have to wait for one year to receive the reimbursement claim. They also submitted all the documents required and they had been making follow up for the reimbursement of their health insurance benefit. She added  they also paid for the contribution to become a PhilHealth member and are entitled for insurance coverage.

According to PhilHealth the process took long because of overlapping claim which delayed the reimbursement of their insurance claim. Finally the insurance claimant was able to receive her check last week. 
PhilHealth is urging those who have insurance claims to check their website on:  

If your name is on the list, you may visit the nearest PhilHealth office and bring with you two valid id to claim your check. 

According to the report, the insurance policy holder was finally able to receive her insurance claim last week after they verified in their system and her name showed up on the list of unclaimed refunds.