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Monday, February 01, 2016

She Applied to a Recruitment Agency that was Closed Down by POEA, Now She Can't Recover Her Documents

Her agency are holding her passport and they will not return her passport and documents because she decided not to pursue going to Kuwait because the agency was closed down by POEA.
She applied to a recruitment agency, unfortunately the agency was closed down by POEA for many administrative cases or violations. Now she is having a hard time recovering her passport and documents.

  We advised OFWs and applicants for work abroad to check on the lists of accredited agencies here in this page or at POEA website, recruitment agencies with good track record.
POEA promised her to support her in legal means so she can recover her documents that is important in applying for jobs. POEA said that agencies do not have the right to keep passport and documents of applicants they were not able to deploy.