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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

OTS Security Officer In NAIA Caught Smuggling Endangered Animals

A member of DOTC-OTS personnel  was caught smuggling endangered animals to Japan. 

The suspect, Gerald Bravo was working as screener of OTS in NAIA Terminal 3,  according to report he was off duty at the time he was caught. 
About 40 Exotic animals were found inside an ice chest which he was trying to transport, including tarsier, Philippine Eagle owl, snakes, reptiles and more. According to DENR some of the animal can be sold for $3,000 or approximately Php 140,000 each. 
The animals are now under the custody of DENR's Rescue Center.
OTS is still investigating if there are other officers involve. 
According to them what happened is a grave misconduct and can be grounds for Bravo's dismissal.  He will be facing charges against Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act