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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Forbes: Top 10 Happiest Countries

Probably with all the turmoils, war, and even calamities going on, you are wondering which is the best country to live in. What are the things that really counts in order to for the residents of a country be happy? 
If you are planning to immigrate or find work overseas, this list that makes up the happiest countries in the world might help you make that decision where you should settle. 

10. Australia- Residents in this country are pretty satisfied with their lives, aside from that they also rank high in terms of life expectancy, support from friends and relatives, charitable giving and freedom.

9. Iceland- With its very small population, and close-knit society, residents in this country feel that they can count on their friends and neighbors for support.

8. Austria- The residents perception of their general well-being placed them on the 8th of the happiest countries in the world.

7. Finland- The citizens of Finland ranked their society favorably due to freedom from corruption and of course personal freedom to live life as they choose.

6. Canada- Majority of Canadians feel that they have great personal freedom and their perception of their well being placed them on 6th.

5. Sweden- Ranking second also in terms of healthy life expectancy, next to Japan, the residents in this country are happy because of their freedom to live life as they please and also freedom from corruption.

4. The Netherlands - known for its tulips and windmills, the residents in this beautiful country are found to be the fourth happiest  based on how they perceive their own well-being, and they also scored high in terms of GDP per capita, social support and charitable giving.

3. Switzerland- The country got in the top 10 of almost all categories, but charitable giving according to Forbes. 

2. Norway- Norway is ranked second due to the freedom of its residents to live as they please. 

1. Denmark- this country did not even make it to top 10 per capita GDP, but according to UN's World Happiness Report it topped the list. The reason behind are its strong social support system, freedom, and low government corruption.