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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Floating Houses Designed In Netherlands Is Now Available In the Philippines

One of the biggest problems of home owners in Philippines is flood. Just like this vendor who lives in Laguna, according to her, their community is always suffering from flood specially  during rainy season or when there is typhoon.
However a new housing technology that is flood proof  has been developed in The Netherlands. 

This type of house is called "vintahanan" or floating houses. It is specially designed to adapt on places where flooding is a major concern. The technology is made of styrofoam -like materials that will float in water. It will be used as the base of the house, as well it is also designed to carry the weight of the shelter. 

According to some housing developers, this kind of house has been proven and used in The Netherlands and even in the United States. 
The first floating houses project in the Philippines will be constructed in Muntinlupa near Laguna Bay. It is also equipped with proper waste management system.

"Vintahanan" is derived from the words "vinta" or a type of boat and "tahanan" or home. The floating houses or "vintahanan" were built to serve as a model of a floating village with proper waste management system in place. It is composed of four 22-square meter bungalow residential units or houses, an information center that will serve as its office, and an event center that will be a venue for activities or functions.
The floating houses or vintahanan are designed to float on flood water and when the water rises, they rise. The structure is fastened to 15-foot-long mooring posts with sliding rings, allowing it to float upwards during flooding.

"The floating village and the pioneering technology utilized in building are perfect for an archipelagic country like the Philippines, one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. It is an effective way of mitigating the damaging effects of climate change, particularly massive flooding and rising sea levels," said Villar.

As the country's biggest home builder, Villar added, Vista Land is well-positioned to be at the forefront of new innovations. Vintahanan is considered to be a showcase or model that can be duplicated in other flood-prone communities in the Philippines. Vintahanan is located in Laguna Lake, Lakefront, Barangay Sucat, Muntinlupa.