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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bye, Skinny Days! Here Are Some Effective Ways To Gain Weight

While some find it hard to lose weight, there are also people who are having troubles in increasing their body mass.


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According to the Natural Food Series, here are the some of the things that you can do to gain weight:

1. Eat regularly
Decide what time will you eat. Eating during the same hours each day decreases the risk of missing out on a meal due to lack of time or forgetfulness.

“One way to go about this could be to aim for six meals/day, including: (1) breakfast, (2) snack, (3) lunch, (4) snack, (5) dinner, and (6) snack. Eating accordingly, with a meal at every third hour, is an approach that works great for tons of people. Experiment and find a schedule that suits your needs and daily life,” it was noted.

2. Eat more calories

To gain weight, one of the first things you need to do is to create a positive energy balance. 

“This basically means that the energy you get from your food intake needs to be higher than the amount of energy that you burn (by moving and exercising),” it was explained. 

3. Add more fat to your diet
Fat is the most energy dense out of all nutrients, containing as much as nine calories per one gram. 

“In other words, eating more fat is a great way to boost your total caloric intake and thus, help you gain weight…. Start by topping your meals with olive oil. Use full-fat dairy products instead of the low-fat choices. Fill out your stews with seeds, nuts, or cheese. Other great fat sources are eggs, avocado, almonds, walnuts, peanut-butter, and yogurt – which also suits perfectly as snacks,” it was disclosed. 

4. Enjoy your meal
While eating, one must avoid stress or rushing.

“Take time to sit down and actually enjoy your food. Add different flavors and spices from what you normally use when you cook. Or get inspired by trying a completely new recipe. Another way to that could help you to gain weight is by eating in company with others,” it was advised.

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