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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

PHAP President: No Downpayment Required in Cases of Emergency!

The Private Hospital Association of The Philippines or PHAP is giving public reminder that in case of emergency, it is strictly prohibited to ask for deposit or down payment in case of emergency. 

Anyone who is proven guilty of defying this policy could be suspended or license could be revoked.
Dr. Rustico Jimenez, President of PHAP said, "save the patient first, forget about the money".

VIDEO: Pagbabawal sa paniningil ng deposito sa pasyente kapag ...
VIDEO: Pagbabawal sa paniningil ng deposito sa pasyente kapag sa panahon ng emergency cases, ipinaalala ng PHAP
Posted by UNTV Life on Tuesday, March 1, 2016
 Law penalizing any doctor or hospital who asks for down payment in emergency situation

He also advised that instead of posting in social media, patient should file formal complain in Philippine Regulatory Commission or Department of Health.


Last week, a post in the social media went viral when a doctor from UST named, Dr. Ana Liezel Sahagun, refused a patient who was in labor and in need of emergency care. According to the husband, it was midnight and they only have Php 6,000 emergency money, the doctor was asking for Php 20,000, but when  the couple pleaded that they be accepted, they were refused admission and the baby eventually died. 

Here is the video of  Dr. Willie Ong's  visit and interview with the couple