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Sunday, March 13, 2016

List Of Organizations That Evaluates Credentials For Its Canadian Equivalent (ECA)

The education earned from your home country or outside Canada can be assessed and evaluated for its Canadian equivalent through the designated organizations by the CIC or Canadian immigration. This is actually a requirement for anyone who is applying to immigrate specially under the Express Entry. 

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The immigration refers to this evaluation as ECA or education credential assessment, and this can give you substantial immigration points depending on its Canadian education equivalent. 

Here is the list and links of all the organizations designated to process ECA:

The process of obtaining the assessed Canadian equivalent of your degree or diploma varies from each designated organization and the country in which you completed your education.  If you completed your education in  the Philippines, the usual process ( through WES for example) is to apply and pay for ECA application online through their website as linked above. 

After your application they will send you instruction for documents you have to send and an official request form which you will have to submit to your school or university. It is important to keep the reference number as you will be required to indicate your reference number on all the envelopes that will be sent to WES in order to update your account. 

The processing time also varies, but usually depends on how fast you and the school could send the required documents for evaluation. Fees could slightly vary too per institution but the average fee is around CAD $200 for standard ECA evaluation. For more information we advise you to visit the website of the institution you chose to evaluate your credentials.