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Thursday, March 03, 2016

BIR Froze 5 Bank Accounts Of Actress Gladys Reyes


Five bank accounts of Gladys Reyes have been frozen by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) because of unsettled  tax dues last week. 

The actress was on a vacation in Bohol with her husband when she was notified that all her five bank accounts were frozen which really pissed her. 

According to the report, the BIR has been sending notice letters which  Gladys did not receive because it was addressed to her personal assistant's residence. But she was aware of her responsibilities and her accountant did settle and paid her tax already. When they informed the BIR about their payment, it turned out that the BIR  failed to update their records of her tax payment. 

The BIR, asked for apology and also promised to fix the issue and lift the garnishment on her bank accounts but up to now it is still on freeze order. 

The actress is very disappointed but says she hopes the BIR would fix this as soon as possible since she has the proof that she paid her tax already. After all she worked for that money and she would need it to settle her other obligations. 
In her text message to PEP she said the following: