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Thursday, March 17, 2016

How To Start Solar Power Installation In Your Home

As solar power becomes more popular, more homes are starting to adapt and install their own solar panel and it is now becoming evident even in Philippines. The use of solar power is not only good for the environment, but in many ways it is very practical. It is cheaper, and is a good form of investment.

However there are still some who are hesitant to rely solely on solar power since Philippines has very unpredictable weather, and during rainy season which is typically from June to November, solar panels generate less power which might not be enough to supply for the needs of your home. 
Meralco actually has a program called "net metering system. Through this, you can sell excess power during summer and use it as credit for your bill during rainy season. This will also serve as a back up in case problems arise with your solar power system or if the power supply is not enough for the household use, you could opt to use your solar power during day time and use Meralco Grid at night. By combining your net metering with the Peak/Off Peak program or POP instead of charging you the same rate for electricity,  Meralco will charge you at a lower rate for night-time consumption.

How do you start with solar installation?

  • First, choose the right solar provider
    Select a supplier who has good track record, reliable after-sales service and is knowledgeable in standards for safety. Some of the known solar providers are Solaric, Meister Solar, and many other companies that you probably know already. This is the time to make your own research, ask friends or anyone who has installed solar power system in their household. 

    • Discuss with them the power need of your home
    • Solar power is not that cheap and you don't want to over-spend on something that is more than what you really need. 
    • Check electric/power calculator  to know total KW usage of all your appliances. 
    Identify what type of installation best suits your needs.
    Will you be using solar power to power up certain appliances only or do you want it to also supply for the entire power requirement of your house. Just like when you are building your house, these must be planned. You can discuss this with the solar provider before they install your solar panels.

    Talk to your provider regarding the safety and reliability.
    Improper installation can cause electrical, and fire hazard  or damage your property. 

    Solar Power Installation Courses:

    If you would like to learn and do it yourself, here are some Solar Power Installation Courses in the Philippines. Most of these courses are taught by experts and leaders trained from Germany and USA.

     Moreover, you might learn from the following video on how to install your own off grid solar power:
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