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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Biometric registration is now a must for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia, this includes dependents and children above 6 years old. The new directive however warns that government services could be stopped in case an expat has not registered his biometric. Biometric is usually taken in the immigration at the airport. However the new rule includes dependents and children. If you are not sure if the government system has updated record of your biometric, you may actually check it just to be sure and so you wouldn't have problems when the time comes that you have to renew your iqama or you have to apply for exit and re-entry visa for your vacation. 


If you are not sure if you did register your finger print already, or if you want to make sure the system has your biometric. You may 
verify online and visit the Ministry of Interior website and log-in with your iqama. 
 Then check on the "Public Query Finger Print Enrollment" tab if your status says updated. 


If you have no record of finger print enrollment, 
in order to register your biometric you may visit any JAWAZAT Office, we did ours in Serafi Mall. Don't forget to bring your Iqama and passport just in case they ask for both documents. 


Here is the list of some of the JAWAZAT centers where you can go to register your finger print.


Riyadh Passports – King Fahd Road

Riyadh Passports – Flamingo Mall

Riyadh Civil Affairs – Washem Branch

Riyadh Civil Affairs – Morouj Branch

Riyadh Civil Affairs – Royal Mall Branch

Riyadh Civil Affairs – Royal Mall Branch Women Section

Nasriyah Traffic

Al-Sharg Traffic

Rawdah Traffic

Riyadh Region Governorate

MOL – Mursalat District

Chamber of Commerce – Dabab Road

STC – King Fahd Road Branch

STC – Al-Sewaidi Branch

King Khalid International Airport

Dove Plaza - Om Al Hamam, King Khalid Road

Riyadh Mall, 1st floor - Rawdah District

Dallah Hospital – Emergency Gate (4)

Al Remal Passports – Dammam Road

King Fahd Medical City – Main Building

Security Forces Hospital – Reception Gate

Deri’yyah Passports

Deri’yyah Civil Affairs

Kharj Passports

Kharj Civil Affairs

Hutat-bani-Tameem Passports

Dawadmi Passports

Al Zulfi Passports

Aflaj Passports

Al Majma'a Passports

Muzahmiyah Passports

Quwaiyia Passports

Al Laith Traffic

Darma Traffic

Jeddah Passports – Kundara Branch

Jeddah Passports – Rehab Branch

Jeddah Passports – Tahliya Markets

Jeddah Passports – Sairafi Mall

Jeddah Civil Affairs – Al Andalos Markets

Jeddah Civil Affairs

Jeddah Civil Affairs – Jawad Center

Jeddah Civil Affairs – Jawad Center (Women)

Sahafa Traffic

King Abdulaziz International Airport

Chamber of Commerce – Main Office

Al-Arab Mall – 2nd Floor

Aziz Mall – 1st Floor

Red Sea Mall – Gate No. 5

Stars Avenue Mall – King Abdulaziz Road, Gate C

Makkah Passports

Makkah Civil Affairs

Al-Awali Traffic

Makkah Region Governorate

Deyafa Mall – Main Gate

Makkah Mall – Gate 5

Qunfudah Passports

Rabigh Passports

Tayef Passports

Tayef Civil Affairs

Madinah Passports

Madinah Civil Affairs

Madinah Region Governorate

Madinah Principality

Madinah Traffic

Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport

Yanbu Passports

Dammam Passports

Dammam Civil Affairs

Dammam Civil Affairs – Al-Shati Mall

Dammam Civil Affairs – Al-Shati Mall (Women)

Western Dammam Traffic

Eastern Region Governorate

King Fahd International Airport

STC – Al-Shati Branch

Chamber of Commerce – Main Office

Dahran Mall – 1st floor

Khubar Passport

Khubar Civil Affairs

Jubail Passports

Jubail Civil Affairs

Hafr-el-Batin Passports

Buraydah Passports

Buraydah Civil Affairs – Othaim Mall Branch

Qaseem Traffic Department – Al-Safaa District

Qaseem Region Governorate

Onaizah Passports

Onaizah Civil Affairs

Onaizah Mall – Gate No. 1

Al Rass Passports

Al Bekairiya Passports

Hayel Passports

Hayel Region Governorate

Hafuf Passports

Hafuf Civil Affairs

Hafuf Traffic

Ahsa International Airport

Abha Passports

Abha Civil Affairs

Aseer Region Governorate

Bisha Passports

Baha Passports

Baha Region Governorate

Tabouk Passports

Tabouk Civil Affairs

Tabouk Region Governorate

Qurayyat Civil Affairs

Jazan Passports

Jazan Civil Affairs

Jazan Region Governorate

Najran Passports

Najran Civil Affairs

Jouf Region Governorate

Jouf Passports

Jouf Civil Affairs

Ar'ar Civil Affairs

Northern Border Region Governorate

Rafha Passports