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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

He Sheltered His Girlfriend Who Was Pregnant, Now He Will Be Jailed And Fined


A Filipino who is permanent resident in Hong Kong was sentenced to six weeks in prison after he pleaded guilty to the charge of aiding, abetting, counseling or procuring the breach of condition of stay. 

Ramir S. delos Reyes' girlfriend was a domestic worker in Hong Kong but in July 2013 she showed up in his doorstep three months pregnant with his son. Out of concern for the safety of his girlfriend and his son he sheltered her.
“His girlfriend turned up at his door and she was already three months pregnant with his child. She had nowhere else to go,” the lawyer said.
Their plan was to surrender once she delivers the baby, but because she is breastfeeding they decided to hide for 18 more months.

In July 2015, delos Reyes decided that its time for his girlfriend to surrender so they can also register the baby.
Because of his failure to register the baby right after he was born, he was fined $1,000. The judge also sentenced him to two months in jail but after his appeal, the judge made consideration and reduced his jail term to 6 weeks.
“I have considered carefully all the grounds of your application. I give you the benefit of the doubt that you were the one who initiated your girlfriend’s (eventual surrender),” the judge said during the review hearing of Delos Reyes’ sentence on February 17.

His girlfriend will also be serving 14 weeks in jail for overstaying in Hong Kong for five years.