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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wherever You Are

(The only memento I have of my beloved mother)
She was a graduate of a commerce degree from USA. No, not the US of A, but the University of San Agustin in Iloilo. He was a graduate of Mechanical Engineering in the same university. They met, they fall in love, they married, and they live least for a time.
She was at the prime of her life as a thriving and yes, versatile woman. But the failures on Dad's life, unemployment, vices and inability to accept the responsibility of rearing his sons plus the pressures of Mom's family eventually ends the relationship between them. We were left to her care. 
Four years had past, she was able to recover and being the beautiful woman she was, and seemingly successful in life, she was haunted by men and guys. She fall in love again, bore another son, and the father is nowhere to be found. Four years again, she thought she learned from many mistakes, she bore the heartaches and pains brought by the terrible afflictions she been through because she thought she was being punished. But she cannot wallow in self-pity, she doesn't want to be miserable forever. She deserved to be happy. She longed to love and be loved. She fall in love to another guy, had relationship, bore her first and only daughter.  But the guy went to Manila and never heard of him since then.
Ito pong mga the stories I heard from her and found out a few hours before she left us, 16 years ago. 
Those were the moments I heard the almost audible in ears na mga words I will never ever forget hearing from a dying mother.
"Please take care of your brothers and sister. Never leave them astray."
She was only 39 suffering from a breast cancer. 
I was 16 years old then. Too young to live a life on my own.
My siblings are 14, 10 and 6. Not knowing what was going on.
Those moments in the hospital while she was breathing with the help of oxygen and other apparatus, and while she was holding my hands firmly that I instill upon my young mind the promise to be a good husband to my wife and a good father to my kids.
I've seen hardships and tribulations in my life. 
I've heard many cries and wails out of pain and broken hearts.
I can't do nothing to alleviate or cease all of this but I can start with my own family.
And hope that legacy will live on with my posterity.
It's not easy, no one says it will be. 
But yes, we can.
Today Mom Beth turns 57 years old. 
Wherever you are, I have done my part. 
I live to the promise I gave you.
I haven't seen you come up to the stage for our medals, or walk with us on our marriages, or dine with us in restaurants, or hold your grandson and granddaughters, but wherever you are, I know you are watching and I know, I can feel it, you are happy.
You're the best mother in this world. You want the best for us. 
I always believe that a man can be seen as a caring and loving husband and father by the way he exemplify his love to his mother.
How can a man love a woman if he doesn't learn how to love his mother? There will be exception to this because there are mothers who used or being cruel to their sons or daughters, but generally speaking, any man who love and respect their mothers will simply mean mamahalin nila ang kanilang mga wife kagaya ng pagmamahal or higit pa sa pagmamahal sa magulang. Correct me if I am wrong pero yan po ang naiisip ko, and I've seen it sa ibang tao.



Nebz said...

Nakakatabang pusong tribute ito. I'm sure ur Mommy Beth is all-smile watching over you.

Oo naniniwala ako. Ang pagiging mapagmahal natin at pagiging mabuti -- at kung anuman ang nasa puso natin ngayon -- ay bunga ng relasyon natin kay nanay.

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother. D ako un. Si Abe Lincoln un.

My mom is the sweetest of flowers.

Ken said...

thanks nebz, you're a good guy, swerte ng girl na makadaupang palad mo. naks, ang lalim ng tagalog ko ah. hehe

Pero thanks, ang bilis ng comment tats ato. :)

yAnaH said...

although hindi ako makarelate masyado.. kase nga... basta! ahihihi...

im sure your mom's watchign over you and your family right now.. im sure she's very proud of you...

RJ said...

Oh! Huhmn. Isang (?!) kwento ng kabiguan na siyang naging basehan para maisagawa ang isang kwentong punung-puno ng tagumpay!

Kahit na medyo naluluha ako sa simula, na-inspire naman ako sa dulo!

Kapag ina ang usapan, talagang medyo emotional din ako. U

Nice tribute to your mom, Mr. Thoughtskoto.

poging (ilo)CANO said...

wow...nice tribute sa moder dear mo..for sure happy and proud siya ngayon sa tagumpay na nakamit niyo ng mga kapatid mo.....

mr. thoughtsmoto, keep on inspiring people, us......

Ken said...

Yana, thanks for visiting, di ka makarelate. hehe. ingat ka on ur way home my friend. sana matuloy or natuloy ka na ng uwi.

Doc Agarj, maraming salamat po sa pagbisita at komento. mama's boy ka rin pala. yan ang mga magagaling na guys, mga mother lover sweet lover. hehe

pogi, thank you po, nabasa ko ang post mo about birtde ni mulong, dumaan lang ako, mukhang may inuman eh, di ako pwede dun, di ako tumatagay eh. hehe, salamat po. we all love our mother.

NJ Abad said...

Your story proves that we have a God who cares and is a Father to the fatherless!

What a special way of giving tribute on the commemoration of the birthday of a strong woman and a great mother!

Count yourself blessed to have survived life's tragedies and injustices.

Euroangel said...

a very touching story...Mothers are always Mothers..and our Mother is always the best Mother of all, no matter what...

just like you I had done my part and now its time to enjoy and live life to the fullest!!

God is really great!~!