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Monday, February 23, 2009


Laugh Like You Have Never Cried. Play Like You Have Never Lost. 

Love Like You Have Never Been Hurt. Live Like There Is No Tomorrow.

Quote and Photo from skdiesel

I am on a 15 days vacation, so expect me to be a little lazy in thinking and blogging but instead do some cut-and-paste inspirational stuffs. But since its February, needless to say, but a month of love, buwan ng mga puso, and I am sure Engr. NJ of Desert Aquaforce will again complain about this love blog, but if only I know he's tickled by this too. nyehehe, peace NJ!

Check your LOVE attitude...

To find your love attitude number, add your birth month and your birthdate together. 

Keep reducing it until it's a single digit.

January 28         1+28 = 29           2+9 = 11            1+1 = 2;          

Your love attitude number is 2.

Mine is November 27, 11+27=38    3+8=11    1+1 = 2 

which I think fits the description perfectly.

If your number is:


You are charming imaginative and independent. Usually your style is 
ahead of others; you know what's in and what's way out. Sometimes you're 
a little too aggressive when it comes to pursuing a love interest. You 
have a way of drawing attention wherever you go, and this dramatic flair 
usually attracts the strongest ones. Your competitive nature either 
draws or repels guys/gals...but those who can't handle your power aren't 
your type anyway. At times you can be possessive, manipulating and 
demanding with your friends and in love relationships. You like 
guys/gals with lots of intelligence... and knock-'em-dead good looks 
don't hurt either.


Your love nature is sentimental, romantic and kind. Your easygoing, 
mild manner allows almost everyone to feel very comfortable with you - 
especially shy guys/gals. Your modesty and tact enable you to get along 
easily with both sexes. You are a natural peacemaker and can be very 
persuasive with words, which helps you to gain the respect of your 
classmates/associates. You can also be too sensitive at times, and your greatest 
drawback is a lack of confidence to stand up for yourself in conflict. 
Your favorite type of girl is a gentle, affectionate one who is also 
strong and playful. A great sense of humor is also a must. A guy/gal who 
loves to listen to music and dance should rank high on your list of 
favorites, too.


You are imaginative, fun-loving, thrill-seeking and expressive. You're 
so charming that you attract many friends and you are almost never 
lacking guys/gals. In your earlier years, you may be totally shy and 
self-conscious, but you'll lose those qualities in the high-school 
years. You can be sort of vain or even a bit of a show-off when you get 
caught up in exciting events in your life, but you usually redeem 
yourself in some playful way before you lose a friend. Jealousy shows 
its ugly head sometimes, but generally you aren't affected by it unless 
your guy/gal tries to provoke it. In the guy/gal department, you prefer 
the athletic or artistic types. You're in absolute heaven when you find 
both of those qualities in the same guy/gal. When you're looking for 
love, a guy/gal who can make you laugh scores points, big time!


You tend to be loyal, dedicated and good hearted. You're one of the 
most diligent students when you really try, and you tend to make your 
schoolwork a priority. You also express those same qualities in your 
love relationship. No one is more faithful and trusting than you. In 
fact, those tendencies can be a little negative in your romantic life. 
You may sometimes hang on too long to a guy/gal who doesn't give you the 
respect and love you deserve. You can be stubborn and a bit of a 
troublemaker if the mood strikes you but you can usually dig yourself 
out of that hole just in time to stay out of major trouble. You usually 
fall for extremes when choosing a love mate - he/she may be a show-off 
or a teacher's pet. Whatever the type, it helps if he/she is 
good-looking, too, but that's not a major consideration for you.


Your love attitude is adventurous, charismatic and spontaneous. You're 
creative and adaptable, and you can come up with the most exciting and 
sometimes daring things to do. Your quick intelligence and way with 
words help get you out of the problems that come with being flirtatious 
and playing hard to get. You need to pay close attention to your 
personal values because you love to try new and different things and 
easily go along with the crowd and the consequences can put extra strain 
on your relationship with a boy/girl. You like guys/gals who have great 
bodies and good looks, along with exceptional brain and high grades. It 
helps if they are highly athletic or involved in as many activities as 
you, otherwise you might get bored! Variety is the key to your love 
attitude number.


You are warm, loving, devoted and affectionate. Your outgoing, 
thoughtful nature attracts many girlfriends/boyfriends to you, and 
usually some of the nicest guys/gals too. Because of your need to care, 
you can end up in a relationship that requires too much care-taking to 
make it balanced. Since home and family play important roles in your 
life, you are unlikely to be attracted to guys/gals who your parents 
wouldn't like. Sometimes you have a slight jealous streak... but it 
doesn't last long. Some people with this love attitude number are prone 
to making harsh judgments of others, especially when others don't share 
your set of values. You are especially attracted to the good looking, 
boy/girl-next-door type who is smart as well as a gentle man/woman.


Your love nature is thoughtful, poetic, mystical and mysterious. A few 
people with love attitude number seven are class clowns, and they 
usually attract guys/gals who like to be given a hard time. But most of 
you are the quiet, reserved types who dislike calling attention to 
yourself. Your type generally attracts guys who feel the same way you 
do. Your refined, independent and secretive nature is very alluring to 
certain guys/gals. At times you can also be somewhat fault-finding and a 
little demanding in your love relationship and with friends. You are 
mostly attracted to guys/gals who aren't like all the rest; a loner 
easily attracts you. And, if he/she reads a lot and enjoys learning, 
he/she is especially perfect for you.


Your love attitude is confident, powerful and exciting. This number 
usually makes for a very conscientious student, someone who puts 
schoolwork ahead of a social life. However, you also enjoy being a 
leader among your classmates and will seek offices or other positions 
that enable you to use your leadership skills. Because of this, you can 
be somewhat intimidating to certain guys/gals. You can also be a little 
too intense, bossy and jealous for your own good. Your love match is 
definitely someone who is smart, handsome and popular. You like quality 
over quantity and will usually wait until the guy/gal with the best 
attributes comes along.


You have a sophisticated attitude that is also generous and 
considerate. Your responsible, charitable nature may find you attracting 
guys/gals who want someone to confide in or who makes them feel secure. 
At a very young age, you developed the type of personality that makes 
others feel safe and protected. You will carry these qualities into your 
adult years and, down the road, you'll be a good mom/dad because of 
them. On the negative side, you can be argumentative and overly 
emotional, and you usually possess a temper that can make everyone run 
for cover. You like the kind of guy/gal who is responsible and 
impeccably dressed and has gorgeous eyes and a great body. Charm, wit 
and (of course) brilliance could make him the perfect guy/gal for you.

Hope you enjoy this and please tell us what's your number at the comment below.



A-Z-3-L said...

minsan gusto kong maniwala...
it's FIVE! hahahaha! parang totoo kase...
i read yours.. 2. hmmmm... i think it's the best way to know you since it fits you perfectly! (sabi mo nga.)

madjik said...

naalala ko tuloy yung flames nung grade school hehehe..

w8 masubukan nga ito..

Sardonyx said...

parang totoo ah na parang hindi lahat hahaha ngayon ko lang natry ito salamat sa pagshare naks naman

Ken said...

haha! Azel ha, i think its true kasi nga sa mga post mo...pero okay ah, you like girls daw with great bodies and minds...miss universe girl...hehe

Thanks magic, what's your magic number dre?

Sardonz, hehe, di nga, totoo yata lahat, sige nga what number mo? nyehehe, share share, wag mahiya... :)

RJ said...

Ayaw kong subukan, kasi pakiramdam ko hindi totoo, sorry po. Pero nu'ng nakuha ko 'yong number ko binasa ko rin. Hahaha! U

Parang gusto ko nang maniwala. Number 7 ang lumabas sa pagtutuos ko. o",)

Sardonyx said...

thoughtskoto, number 3 ako; sige nga hulaan mo kung anong birthdate ko? hahaha

pamatayhomesick said...

teka masubukan nga,numerical computation! ay no. 8 ako...:)

parang tama yung attitude!
he he he.:)

Ken said...

Doc Aga,tama tong part na to sau, "You are warm, loving, devoted and affectionate." The rest mali na, haha. im not sure, guessing lang. just for fun.

Ever? "You can also be a little
too intense, bossy and jealous for your own good" mali yata yang part na yan about you, hehe sa number 8.

Sardz, imaginative ka naman talaga sa blog mo pa lang. galing nga eh. at saka sabi pa chicks boy daw. nyehaha. peace man! Birthday mo, feb 1. galing di ba? pahula nga.

The Pope said...

Walang himala!!! I got 8, and the result is consistent with my Leo attitude. Tama nga ang hula ng Love Attitude mo Mr. Thoughtskoto, ask ko lang baka meron kang numerology tip para mapanalunan natin ang big time jackpot ng Lotto hehehehe Joc-joc-joc.

yAnaH said...

wala akong masabi.. i got 8..

Ken said...

Pope and Yanah, bakit maraming number 8? hehe, thanks po a lot. Pope sana manalo ka ng lotto! nyehaha,, balato ha, ask mo si Sardonyx, magaling yun or si Azel, makata.

Yanah, my friend ingat ka wherever ka man pauwi. Me and the Thoughtskoto family wish you goodluck and God speed always.

NJ Abad said...

Hahaha! Walang aangal kundi lagot cla sa mutawah...Hehehe.

Sa totoo lang hindi ako aangal dahil merong ka pang nalalabing araw sa pebrero...ibigay mo na! Smile...Say cheeze...Kapag nag blog ka ng love sa araw ng patay...ayan pataw ka...ay patawarin pala kita kung love for the dead ang blog mo...hehehe.

And the lucky number is #6! Parang totoo ano? Mawawalan ng trabaho si Madam Auring...

Sana sinama mo na rin ang number love na 1-4-3-4-4 at "I love you Lucky"...hehehe walang connect ano?

Keep on blogging "love" still have 4 days to do it!


mommy ek said...

im a 5. and some of it are right!