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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maalaala Mo Kaya...Berta

{(Another thing, although I don't expect too much from this award thing, this blog, THOUGHTSKOTO, was nominated as one of the candidates for the Filipino Blog of the Week at THE COMPOSED GENTLEMAN BLOG) If you are kind enough, please vote for this blog cause no one might...nyehaha. It will be embarrassing to receive none. :-)}

Dear Ate Charo,

 Thank you for considering this letter of mine. I'm writing about Ben.
 We're in our twenties and both work in Makati. In fact, we used to be
  officemates. I've known him for almost two years and all the time, I've
  been in-love with him, although we are just friends and he has a
  he intends to marry.
  Ate Charo, I can't help but fall in love with him. He's perfect! He's
  responsible, intelligent, resourceful, thoughtful, loving, sweet, caring,
  upright, kind, family-oriented, and a God-fearing individual. His good
  looks are just an added bonus. I can't believe such a man still exists
  today and I will forever be thankful for his friendship.

It is a pain to be so in-love with him because he and his girlfriend are
  perfect for each other and are so happy being together. I don't know if
  he's aware of my feelings for him, but winning his heart, I think, is out
  of the question. His girlfriend is too precious for him. Losing her
  truly hurt him, and I don't want to see him in pain. I know,
  however, that a part of me wishes he would reciprocate my love, but he's
  just too good for me. He deserves someone better, like the girl he has
  Knowing he's happy with her is enough consolation for me. I want his
  happiness even if it would mean my own despair. God knows how much I'm
  suffering. Writing this letter alone is already a torture. I've been
  trying very hard to forget him. I've done ways I know to free myself.
  Pero ang kulit talaga ng puso ko, ayaw sumunod. Ate Charo, I haven't seen
  or talked with him for a long time and I thought his absence would somehow
  cool down the feeling, but it hasn't. I don't want to miss him, but I do
  miss him terribly. How can I forget him?

Whenever I see a place, a thing, or a situation, my mind automatically
  associates it with him. His memories occupy most of my waking and
  hours. His face pops into my mind in the middle of my lunch, when I'm
  talking with my friends, cleaning my house, or just doing something which
  has nothing to remind me of him. Odd, but true. I'm not bitter, Ate. I
  don't blame myself, him, nor God for this situation. As a matter of fact,
  I'm thankful. Painfully odd as it is, this situation has made me the
  person I am now. But I can't help ask myself why should someone fall for
  another when they are not meant for each other? 
Why Ate Charo? 

You know Ate, whenever I pray, I always ask God to help me let go of this
  love. I just want to feel the same way he feels for me... as a friend
  nothing more. I know I can get through this because I believe that God
  wouldn't give me something He knows I couldn't handle. Someday I will be
  able to smile again without being hurt when I remember him. God has His
  reason for all of these and until I know the reasons, I want to hear words
  from you. Attached is my picture to show my sincerity and let you decide
  am really not meant for his love.
  Please Ate Charo, help me.

Berta Plak

This was emailed to me by a friend. This is just for fun, although the Thoughtskoto family doesn't subscribe to the idea of making fun with other looks or circumstances. 

(Another thing, although I don't expect too much from this award thing, this blog, THOUGHTSKOTO, was nominated as one of the candidates for the Filipino Blog of the Week at THE COMPOSED GENTLEMAN BLOG)

If you are kind enough, please vote for this blog cause no one might...nyehaha. It will be embarrassing to receive none. :-)



RJ said...

Whew! Itong modern world talaga, maraming pwedeng mangyari. ANg liham na para dapat kay Ate Charo ay nakarating kay Mr. Thoughtskoto! Hahaha! U

Sikat na talaga ang Thoughtskoto, ayan nominated na for Filipino Blog of the Week.

NJ Abad said...

Sabi ko na nga ba kaibigan mo si Bhertha Flakfak...

Heniway, I voted for you na Kenj. You're running 3rd in the polls. Sa iba pang kaibigan ni Thoughtskoto... boto na!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ibinoto na kita sa FBOTW! Dadagdagan ko sana, kaso baka mapagbintangang nagbo-votepadding ako. : )

Ken said...

haha! Doc RJ, salamat po ng marami! natawa talaga ako, oo nga noh, bakit napunta saken ang sulat, dapat dear thoughtskoto. hehe

Sir NJ, musta po, maraming maraming salamat sa masusing pagfollow at pagcomment. busy ka ah, wala pang new post

Sir Blogusvox, maraming salamat sau ha, sa pagbisita at pagboto, gusto ko ang new buhangin series mo, haha.

yAnaH said...

eto na! boboto na po..

dudlak naman sa broken heart ni berta... ahihihihi

Ken said...

yanah salamat! haha, sana po may magnominate din saken sa Pinoy expats and pinoy OFW blog awards starting this april.

poging (ilo)CANO said...

hhaha...malungkot ang sulat ni bertha pero hindi halata dahil mukhang masayahin namn xa!

san ba ako boboto..d ko alam un ah!

Euroangel said...

cool story!! thanks for the visit and comment..voted for you too in Composed gentlemen ...good luck!!

Euroangel said...

finally added you in my 4 blogs below ...will add you soon in my other sites too..have a great and blessed Sunday!

Simply The Best
The WWW Addict
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PaJAY said...

dun ata ako sa prev. post nagkumento...lolz..atat e...

newei,binoto kita dre...

Ken said...

Pogi, Ruby and Prof Pajay, maraming salamat sa inyong boto at suporta, pero mukhang may daya ang botohan, kasi pare pareho ang mga score ng lahat at ako na lang naiwan, pwede bang may call garci, haha!

AJ said...

u got my support, too :D al d best!

ang ganda ng love survey mo..feeling swak na swak..

rgds bro, and enjoy the hiatus..