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Saturday, September 04, 2021

5 Modern Bungalows That Will Inspire You to Build Yours!

House designs are changing depending on the need of the people living in them just like Bungalows. When we say Bungalows, many people think that this is a traditional house design since it exist many years ago! But nowadays, this distinctive style has been adapted into the go-to-modern home design due to its simplicity, beauty, and economical pricing. 

Aside from that, modern Bungalows nowadays are built as a single story so that structure, design, versatility, and wide usable space are emphasized. So if you are looking for creative bungalow-style home designs and ideas for your own home, here are five beautiful Bungalows designed by Bun Homes and Construction.

House Design No. 1 — Single-story Bungalows on gray shades that focus on beautiful designs that incorporate natural materials like wood and stone. These materials are known to be strong and durable but most of all, it brings a beautiful design that makes this house stand out. 

As you can see in this house, the roof is designed with a high ceiling which shows the interior of the house was designed to create a clear and airy space intended to make the rooms more inviting and comfortable. The doors and windows are also decorated with clear glass to help bring in natural light that helps make the atmosphere of the living space even more relaxing. 

Also, this house has a spacious terrace where you can sit and relax, enjoy the outdoor, or simply entertain your guests. This is the main point of going for a bungalow-style house as the simple but elegant style of your home.

Our house number one is composed of three bedrooms, one bathroom, a spacious living hall, a kitchen and dining area, and a terrace in a 126 total usable area. As to the lot requirement, you need at least 10.05 x 13 meters for building this one. The estimated construction budget for this one is 44,000 or P2.2 million pesos.

Please take note that the budget indicated in this post are just estimates. The construction budget mainly depends on the material and labor cost in your area. 

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House Design No. 2 — If you want a small Bungalow for you and your family, this one is a good option!  This modern one-story bungalow is a square-shaped home that utilizes the strongest and most durable materials. The main materials used for this house are concrete, wood, and stone which were chosen for their beauty, durability, and aesthetically pleasing colors.

The shades of the walls are used to accentuate the home's distinctive style, making the house radiate a fresher and more comfortable vibe. The color palette focuses on colors that emphasize comforts such as grays and whites. The interior of the house can be seen through the clear glass doors and windows. 

This house is perfect for small families since it has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and dining area, and a living room in an area size of 77 square meters.  You need at least 9 by 9.50 meters while the estimated construction budget for building this beautiful home is $27,000 or P1.3 million.

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House Design No. 3 — This one can be considered a basic and traditional bungalow-style home that is perfect for relaxation for all seasons! This house is built out of concrete materials is shaped horizontally which makes the living area more spacious and the home more attractive.

The facade has a lovely color palette that focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere by utilizing a combination of gray and white color schemes paired with shades of wood. The outdoor terrace is spacious which you can use to your convenience. Overall, this home represents simplicity and order utilizing a good combination of materials that makes this house beautifully modern in traditional home style.

This one-story home is designed with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living area, a kitchen and dining area, and a terrace.

House Design No. 4 — If you are looking for a nice and comfortable house that's within your budget, this small and simple bungalow house design is for you. This small house gets beautiful accents through the contrasting colors of green and gray on the facade. The glass windows and doors add a dynamic feel to this family-perfect home. 

The interior is very refreshing, thanks to the color combination of mint green and white! For a feminine and relaxing feel, the interior was designed with neutral colors. It surely can make anyone feel calm after a long day. The bathroom looks warm and comfortable with green and white walls. It's both stylish and functional!

The area side of this house is 134 square meters while the minimum lot requirement is 7 by 10 meters. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and dining area, and a small porch. 

House Design No. 5 — The use of earthly colors in the stone works is quite bold, but it's also what makes this simple bungalow different from others. In addition, there is a very spacious terrace in the front of this house, which is perfect for those who wish to live the full country life. The enormous terrace also serves as a perfect boundary between the indoor and outdoor space. The exterior of the house is painted in white and gray — a color that gives off a relaxing feel.

This modernized bungalow similarly offers comfort and convenience, allowing you to live the simple life you desire. A one-story house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, a kitchen and dining area and a whole front terrace.


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