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Thursday, February 18, 2016

List of OWWA Benefits For OFWs Killed In Iraq Fire

There were thirteen (13) OFWs killed due to the fire in Iraq, but only four (4) among them will receive OWWA benefits. According to OWWA the other nine OFWs will not receive any benefits since they are not active members.

 One of the victims was found to be undocumented and therefore does not have active membership. According to the mother of the deceased, she tried to contact the agency that deployed her daughter but it was already closed. Her OWWA payment has not been paid and they are not entitled to claim any insurance benefit

The OWWA benefits that the families of the four OFWs will receive are the following:

OWWA membership entitles an OFW to certain insurance benefits like, death insurance, burial assistance, and livelihood programs. However OWWA contribution can only be valid for two years, and OFWs needed to pay again to make sure that their OWWA contribution is up to date and they have insurance coverage while working overseas. OFWs overseas can pay for their OWWA through the nearest Philippine consulate, or embassy in their area.