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Friday, September 20, 2019

12 Beautiful Modern Homes in Several Sizes For You to Choose From (With Floor Plans)

When it comes to creating the perfect family home, height is not everything! You might be surprised to learn that single-story homes can offer just as much two-story house. In this video, we've featured 12 beautiful single-story homes — all of which have enough bedrooms from couples who are starting a family to a growing family! Don't forget to tell us your favorite from this list in the comment section!


House Design No. 1

A lovely contemporary house with three generous bedrooms, two bathrooms, and spacious living space! This house has all of that and more! A family luxury, all wrapped up in a delightfully charming and pretty facade, this home is making us think more about bungalow designs! 

Take a look at the plan to see how much space there is here! The construction budget for this house is $44,000.


House Design No. 2

A house plan with the pretty exterior! The design maximizes the internal living space and creates a modern and stylish look. Inside, priority has been given to those lovely communal areas and a sizable kitchen, but there are still three bedrooms and one bathroom. 

 Take a closer look and see if you love this home! The construction of this house will cost you around $41,000.

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House Design No. 3

This home is a little smaller than the first two, as it has just two bedrooms and one bathroom, but it loses nothing in terms of style for smaller dimensions! In building this house you need at least 8 by 12 meters home lot while the budget is $31,000.

House Design No. 4

A lovely little one-story home that looks both classic and contemporary! It has a gorgeous terrace on the front. This house has two bedrooms and one bathroom that is ideal for young couples who are just starting a family. The construction budget of this house is more or less $20,000.

House Design No. 5

Boxy, beautiful and so neatly compact, this is a charming home that would be perfect for any family. This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Take a look at the terrace in the front and back. We are very sure that you and your family will love it!

House Design No. 6

Comfortably housing two bedrooms, this house has a lot of space in the living room and kitchen, which makes us think that this would be perfect for a small but very close family! Take a look at the plans and see if this is the modern family home you've always dreamed of!

House Design No. 7 

This contemporary house is consist of two bedrooms and one bathroom. If you love spending pass time on the outside, the front and side porch of this house is perfect for you! The construction budget for this small house is more or less $18,000!

House Design No. 8

A small and simple house with two bedrooms and one bathroom! The total living area of this cute house is 57 square meters while the construction budget is $15,000. This house is a practical idea for cost-conscious homeowners!

House Design No. 9

A modern tropical house plan with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Look simple on the outside and facade is so understated, but the interior is wonderfully designed to house a family more than comfortably. The construction budget for this house is $28,000.

House Design No. 10

Another three-bedroom home make this ideal for a family! The house plan is designed to have a shared bathroom with a balcony in front for families to relax and enjoy the outdoor environment. You need at least $23,000 budget for the construction of this charming family home. 

House Design No. 11

Modern and boxy best describe this modern style house with a facade that creates a clear difference between glass and concrete but still blend both elements so well. The house is composed of three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a construction budget of $21,000.

House Design No. 12

This house plan is a copy of house design no. 1 designed with different paint exterior color! From the shades of green in the first house, here, its is off-white color and gray combination! But whatever your choices, both colors are undeniably beautiful!