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Thursday, September 12, 2019

10 Lovely Houses With Painted With Beautiful Colors

Your house is probably one of your most expensive buys, so make sure it is a place you look forward to relaxing in every day! Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral, or calming, we've got here some color ideas you should consider if you are looking for inspiration in painting or repainting your house! These colors are will surely brighten your day!


House Design No. 1 — A Beautiful Orange House

A resort-style house painted with bright orange on the outside! Use orange in your house when you want to feel younger. This vibrant hue reduces self-consciousness and allows you to express yourself with confidence. Orange is a color of laughter and celebration!

This house consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a terrace in front. Budget construction is $45,000.


House Design No. 2 — One-Story Yellow House

House painted with yellow can be considered as cheerful and attention-getter! The color yellow captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness.  For homes, you can feel expansive and welcoming with yellow color just like this house with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

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House Design No. 3 — Pinky Pink House!

Gentle and soothing, pink is the color of love. It promotes tenderness and is a comfort in times of emotional transition. Use it in your house when you are trying to increase receptivity and understanding!

House Design No. 4 — Bright Yellow Bungalow

The yellow color is not only an excellent choice for kitchen, dining rooms and bathrooms, but it can be also a perfect shade for your house exterior. A very cheerful color that brings joy into your house and makes them look bright and welcoming.

House Design No. 5 — A House With Blue Shades

Beautiful and warm. This blue house has three-bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and parking. Painting your house with blue shades dissolves tension and promotes tranquility.  Light blue especially brings ease into the home and harmony into relationships.

House Design No. 6 —  A Contemporary Blue House

Blue is the color of both the sky and the sea. But whatever shade of blue is for you, this color evokes clarity, pureness and increased intuition. In the home, the shade is immediately calming and welcoming just like this house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

House Design No. 7 —  Blue and Gray Combo!

Blue and Gray shades are winning color combination that will suit your house, your style, and your life! Blue is known to have a calming effect when used as the main color. On the other hand, gray is a neutral color while some people consider this as boring. But if combined with other colors such as blue, the effect is beautiful and warm just like this house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

House Design No. 8 — Different Shades of Gray

Gray is considered to be one of the most popular paints for exteriors. When it comes to picking a new exterior paint color, you can't go wrong with a classic neutral. But if you want to stand out just a bit from a block of white houses, consider giving your exterior a moody makeover with gray paint and try some other color combination that makes your house more elegant. 

House Design No. 9 — White and Orange

This beautiful house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Painted with white and orange shades that makes this house lively and lovely! Orange is a happy color while white is a neutral color and considered not only the safest but also the best choice for your house, inside or outside!

House Design No. 10 — White House

If you can't find the right color for your house, then try painting your house white! This color symbolizes a new beginning and cleanliness. But don't go with the first white you see. There are so many shades of white out there, so take your time picking the one that works for your house. And if you paint your house white and hate it, you're lucky because white is the easiest color to paint over!

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