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Friday, March 02, 2018

Where to Pay Philhealth Insurance Premium and How to Verify Membership?

Philhealth is the most affordable healthcare and insurance program in the Philippines. From Php 2400 to Php 3600 ($46 to $70 annually) premium fee for one year, you can avail of hundreds of benefits and you can read them in the detailed post in the links below. But Philhealth membership has an expiration date, specifically for a year. So when was the last time you paid your Philhealth Insurance? 
As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), there are government agencies that are designed to help us  in various ways. To ensure your welfare and protection, there is OWWA, Philhealth assures to help you of your family on health and medical needs, if you plan to buy a house or invest in savings, Pag-IBIG fund is readily available to assist you and for your retirement, the contributions made with the SSS could be a great help for you and your family. To avail of their services, the very first thing to do is to be a verified member. And how would you do it? We provided some tips here on how to easily determine whether your membership with these agencies are valid. "Advertisements" OWWA membership is valid for two years from the date of payment. So, to determine that your membership is still valid, check your OEC or your OWWA Balik Manggagawa Slip ang check the date. If the membership date is less than or not more than two years, your membership is still valid and you can avail the benefits.   Read: OWWA Offers Loan From P200K to P2M  P50K for OFWs who are undergoing treatment for dreaded illness.  What to do if the OFW spouse wants to start a small business with the help of OWWA?    To verify your Philhealth membership, like the OWWA membership, it has an expiration date. So the same step is applied. You can also go online for verification just log on to or you can visit the nearest regional office in your locality.   Read: How To Get a Philhealth ID  Beware of Fake Philhealth Receipts  Philhealth Zero-balance Billing  How to Register for Philhealth membership Online  How much can you save from Philhealth benefit packages?  To verify SSS membership, you can visit the nearest SSS Office in your area and go to the members assistance Center (MAC) or contact the SSS hotline (SSS Call Center) by calling 920-6446 to 55 for any SSS member’s inquiry, support and assistance.   Read: SSS coverage program for OFWs  How Much money Can You Get From SSS Benefits?  Questions and answers regarding SSS programs for OFWs  Applying for SSS Disability Benefit   To verify your pag-ibig membership, you can visit any Pag-IBIG Office near you or go to  Read: How to check your Pag-IBIG contribution online  Member Urged to invest in the Pag-IBIG MP2 Investment Savings Program  Pag-IBIG Housing Loan  Pag-IBIG Balik-savings 65  Or better yet get a Unified Multi-purpose ID to enjoy the convenience of carrying only one ID for various transactions. You can get it for free at any SSS Branches near you.  Read: How to get a UMID card  "Sponsored Links" Read More:  A female Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working in Saudi Arabia was killed by an unknown gunman in Cabatuan, Isabela on Sunday. The OFW is in the country to enjoy her vacation and to celebrate her bithday with her loved ones. The victim's mother, Betty Ordonez, said that Jenny Constantino, 29, arrived in the country from Saudi Arabia for a vacation.         China's plans to hire Filipino household workers to their five major cities including Beijing and Shanghai, was reported at a local newspaper Philippine Star. it could be a big break for the household workers who are trying their luck in finding greener pastures by working overseas  China is offering up to P100,000  a month, or about HK$15,000. The existing minimum allowable wage for a foreign domestic helper in Hong Kong is  around HK$4,310 per month.  Dominador Say, undersecretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), said that talks are underway with Chinese embassy officials on this possibility. China’s five major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen will soon be the haven for Filipino domestic workers who are seeking higher income.  DOLE is expected to have further negotiations on the launch date with a delegation from China in September.   according to Usec Say, Chinese employers favor Filipino domestic workers for their English proficiency, which allows them to teach their employers’ children.    Chinese embassy officials also mentioned that improving ties with the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte has paved the way for the new policy to materialize.  There is presently a strict work visa system for foreign workers who want to enter mainland China. But according Usec. Say, China is serious about the proposal.   Philippine Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello said an estimated 200,000 Filipino domestic helpers are  presently working illegally in China. With a great demand for skilled domestic workers, Filipino OFWs would have an option to apply using legal processes on their desired higher salary for their sector. Source:, PhilStar Read More:  The effectivity of the Nationwide Smoking Ban or  E.O. 26 (Providing for the Establishment of Smoke-free Environment in Public and Enclosed Places) started today, July 23, but only a few seems to be aware of it.  President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Executive Order 26 with the citizens health in mind. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said the executive order is a milestone where the government prioritize public health protection.    The smoking ban includes smoking in places such as  schools, universities and colleges, playgrounds, restaurants and food preparation areas, basketball courts, stairwells, health centers, clinics, public and private hospitals, hotels, malls, elevators, taxis, buses, public utility jeepneys, ships, tricycles, trains, airplanes, and  gas stations which are prone to combustion. The Department of Health  urges all the establishments to post "no smoking" signs in compliance with the new executive order. They also appeal to the public to report any violation against the nationwide ban on smoking in public places.   Read More:          ©2017 THOUGHTSKOTO SEARCH JBSOLIS, TYPE KEYWORDS and TITLE OF ARTICLE at the box below Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas to be provided by the owner of the establishment. Smoking in private vehicles parked in public areas is also prohibited. What Do You Need To know About The Nationwide Smoking Ban Violators will be fined P500 to P10,000, depending on their number of offenses, while owners of establishments caught violating the EO will face a fine of P5,000 or imprisonment of not more than 30 days. The Department of Health  urges all the establishments to post "no smoking" signs in compliance with the new executive order. They also appeal to the public to report any violation against the nationwide ban on smoking in public places.          ©2017 THOUGHTSKOTO Dominador Say, undersecretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), said that talks are underway with Chinese embassy officials on this possibility. China’s five major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen will soon be the destination for Filipino domestic workers who are seeking higher income. ©2017 THOUGHTSKOTO

You can go online for verification if you are a valid member, just log on to or you can visit the nearest regional office in your locality. 
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1. You need to have Philhealth PIN number. Here's how to get one. Follow the step by step process here. There is another process here that you can follow. You can also register ONLINE HERE
How to register online:  1. Go to  2. Fill-out the needed information correctly.   3. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail and your log-in password. Click the link provided in the e-mail and log-in using your details.   4. After clicking the link, you will get a notification that your account is activated and you can now log-in to your Philhealth account.  5.  On log-in, you may need to enter an answer to a security question. It could be  any one of the three answers you provided earlier.   6. Congratulations! You successfully created and activated your Philhealth account.  You can now access your Philhealth members profile.  You can check the contributions you made  as well.  Should you find any error or discrepancies in your MDR, you may email Philhealth at     Once you are already registered, you can now get your Philhealth ID. Visit the nearest Philhealth office in your area and ask for the Philhealth Member Registration Form or PMRF.  Fill-out the form and submit it. In a few minutes, you can claim your printed Philhealth ID.  For premium payments, you can pay online through these Electronic Payment Facilities:  OneHUB (Unionbank Of The Philippines) Expresslink (Bank Of The Philippine Islands) Citiconnect (Citibank) Digibanker (Security Bank) Or via e-Gov (Bancnet) Asia United Bank China Banking Corporation CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corporation Development Bank of the Philippines East West Banking Corporation Metropolitan Trust & Bank Company Philippine National Bank Philippine Veterans Bank RCBC Savings Bank  For OFWs, you can pay your premium contributions through these accredited  collecting agents only:   Overseas Collections Over-the-counter collection system Bank Of Commerce Development Bank Of The Philippines IRemit, Inc. Landbank Of The Philippines Ventaja International Corporation  *Beware of unauthorized collecting agents issuing fake Philheath Official receipts.
2. You can pay your Philhealth contribution or one-year payment online via ONLINE via 

Bank of the Philippine Islands (via BPI Expresslink)
Citibank N.A. (via Citidirect)
Security Bank (via Digibanker)
Unionbank of the Philippines (via OneHUB)
Bancnet Inc.(via e-Gov facility)

or VIA SM/ROBINSONS/AYALA and other Payment CENTERS and many others here 

or if you are abroad 

Bank of Commerce
Development Bank of the Philippines
iRemit, Inc.
Landbank of the Philippines
Ventaja International Corporation

You can ask your family members to pay your premium by letting them pay for you in the Philippines
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What are your benefits?

If you are Filipino working overseas, you can read the insurance benefits of being a Philhealth member here.

What are the OFW's Benefits from PhilHealth and How to Claim It?

If you want to know the general benefits for insurance members in all sectors, here are the things you need to know. 
As a Philhealth member , you need to know all  these things to maximize its use and enjoy the benefits your Philhealth has to offer to you and your beneficiaries.   (Photos and images from Philhealth.)        Philhealth The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or Philhealth is a Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) founded on February 5, 1995. The main goal is to ensure  the health of every Filipino thru social health insurance. Base on the Filipino concept "bayanihan" in which every one in the community help those in need. The Philhealth goal is to make a mechanism where every Filipinos help each other. Rich helping the poor. Young ones help the elderly. Healthy ones help the sick. Everyone will get old and be sick, its purpose is for everyone to contribute for the National health insurance Program to ensure the health of every Filipino.                                                  Philhealth Members  Philhealth is for ALL. Regardless of social status: poor, rich, young , old, sick, healthy, working or jobless, every Filipino must be a member.  Here are the membership categories of Philhealth:  1. Formal Economy Members: employees, business owners, household workers and family drivers.  2.Informal Economy Members (or voluntary/individually paying): includes Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), self earning individuals, naturalized Filipinos and foreigners living in the Philippines.  3. Sponsored Members: members who's contributions are paid by a sponsor like the local government, government agency or private individual or agency. It includes low earning individuals that are not considered as indigents like barangay health workers, nutrition scholars, etc. Orphans,abandoned kids, out-of-school-youth, street children, Person with Dissabilities (PWDs), abused and pregnant women under the custody of the DSWD is also registered here.  4. Indigent Members: poor families selected by the DSWD using the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR or " Listahanan). It determines the families to be included in government programs to eliminate poverty.  5. Lifetime Members: members  with ages 60 and above and retired employees that contributed not less than 120 months Philhealth contributions. Senior Citizens- Under the Expanded Senior Citizen Act (RA 10645), all Filipinos with ages 60 and above is already covered by Philhealth.    Registration: Registration is easy under any membership categories. Go to any Philhealth office near you and submit the correctly filled-up Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF). No need to submit any supporting documents unless it is needed for  verification.  Reminder: To avoid any penalty under the law, make sure that all the information provided in your PMRF are absolutely true.      Member's Data Record and Philhealth ID  When you are already registered to Philhealth, the new member will receive:  1. Philhealth Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is the permanent number of every members. 2. Philhealth ID that indicates the following: Philhealth Identification Number (PIN) Member's name. Members signature. Membership validity date for sponsored/indigent members. 3. Member Data Record (MDR) MDR indicates the member's name, address, legal dependents and the date of their insurance with Philhealth (for sponsored/indigents/OFW members).    Keep your Philhealth ID and MDR safely. You will need it to use your benefits and for other transactions with Philhealth.  In the meantime, only the MDR is being issued for indigent, sponsored members and Senior Citizens. This document will be enough for them to enjoy their benefits.   For Indigent/Sponsored members: You can get in touch with the Local Government Unit to determine the members belonging to the  Indigent/Sponsored Program in the area. Philhealth ensures that every LGUs has the complete list of the members included in the program.    Qualified Dependents  The whole Family is covered by Philhealth. Philhealth protects the whole Family. The member and family members can use Philhealth benefits..  The qualified dependents are as follows: Legal spouse that is not a member of Philhealth. Children 20 years old and below, single and jobless (including step children, adopted, illegitimate and legitimated/recognized children. Parents 60 years old and above  and not a Philhealth member. Foster Child who went through DSWD Process according to Foster Care Act of 2012 or RA10165 Children or parents with with permanent disabilities.            Below are the list of contributions scheduled by Philhealth for specific members.        You can pay your Philhealth contributions at any Philhealth office  or any accredited collecting agents nationwide.      What are the benefits?  Every member must know the benefits they can get by being a Philhealth member. Members and qualified dependents has benefits for medical expenses for every sickness or operation. Members and legal dependents can get equal benefits. Every year, there is allocated 45 days hospitalization allowance for the member and 45 days to be divided to all qualified dependents. Hospitalization days in excess of 45 days will not be covered by Philhealth.  This benefit can be used by the member and qualified dependents provided that:   The member has updated contributions (except Lifetime and Senior Citizen Members) or valid Philhealth coverage( for Sponsored, Indigent, and OFWs). Go to a Philhealth-accredited hospitals or clinics. The allocated  45 in a year is not yet consumed for the member and qualified dependents except for the other Philhealth benefits such as hemodialysis.  All Case Rates  The benefits will be paid by Philhealth in terms of Case Rates whereas every illness or operation has price allotment to be divided to the hospital and the doctor. This way , the member can already determine how much will be covered by Philhealth before hospitalization.  Below are the equivalent value of benefits for some selected  sickness and operations under  the All Case Rates (ACR) continually widened by Philhealth:          In Philhealth's NO BALANCE BILLING, there will be no additional payments for hospitalization in public and selected private hospitals.   Good news! For  sponsored, household workers and indigent members and dependents, if they are confined in a public hospitals and other facilities such as dialysis centers, lying in clinic, or ambulatory surgical clinics, there will be no fees to pay. Under the NO BALANCE BILLING, Philhealth will shoulder all expenses for the doctor and hospitalization in any  Philhealth accredited hospitals.  Reminder: If confined in a private hospital, the member should pay the cost that exceeds in the aforementioned case rates. There will also be an additional cost if they will choose rooms/wards and/or doctor in government hospitals.    Below are the list of the outpatient benefits available at any Philhealth-accredited hospitals/clinics.                  Z BENEFITS Benefits provided for sickness that needs long term hospitalization.  Below are the benefits included in Z Benefits.          HOW TO AVAIL THE PHILHEALTH BENEFITS?    To use Philhealth benefits: Look for My Philhealth Portal in the hospital and show any valid government ID.  Submit the properly filled-up Philhealth Claim Form 1 together with the supporting documents that may be required in the hospital, when needed.  OFWs or their qualified dependents  confined overseas can also avail of the Philhealth benefits through direct filing. You just need to  submit the following in any Philhealth office near you within 180 days after being discharged to avail of the benefits:  Copy of Medical Certificate stating the final diagnosis, confinement period and services rendered. Properly filled-up Philhealth Claim Form 1 Copy of the official receipt or detailed statement of Account Updated Members Data Record or any alternative documents to prove identity/photocopy  of latest proof of payment.    Below is an example of Philhealth Claim Form 1          For any questions, you can visit any Philhealth office near you.           RECOMMENDED:  DOLE Sec. Bello in Kuwait   OFW EXECUTED IN KUWAIT  PRESIDENT DUTERTE VISITS ADMIRAL TRIBUTS    DTI ACCREDITED CARGO FORWARDERS FOR 2017   NO MORE PHYSICAL INSPECTION FOR BALIKBAYAN BOXES    BOC DELISTED CARGO FORWARDERS AND BROKERS    BALIKBAYAN BOXES SHOULD BE PROTECTED  DOLE ENCOURAGES OFW TEACHERS TO TEACH IN THE PHILIPPINES                           ©2017 THOUGHTSKOTO
This blog post features a variety of comprehensive health care services -from basic primary care to catastrophic packages to provide Philhealth and OFW members and their families with the information they need on CASH benefits and and links on benefits availment. It also includes links to Philhealth website to know more on eligibility requirements, coverage, general guidelines for specific diseases and selections criteria among others.  The following are the PhilHealth Cash Benefits.   Case Rate for hemodialysis is P2,600 per session Case Rate for outpatient blood transfusion is P3,640 (one or more units) Ovarian Cystectomy Unilateral or Bilateral = P23,300 Thyroidectomy Total or Complete Cash Benefits P31,000 Tonsillectomy Primary or Secondary = P18,000 Moderate Risk Pneumonia = P15,000 High Risk Pneumonia = P32,000 Primary Care Moderate Risk Pneumonia = P10,500 Tubal Ligation = P4,000 NSD or Normal Spontaneous Delivery for Lying In = P6,500 Hospitals = P5,000 Pre-Natal = P1,500 Viral Hepatitis P11,800 Intrauterine Device Insertion or IUD = P2,000 Rheumatic Fever = P10,100 Vasectomy Unilateral o Bilateral = P4,000 Cerebral Infarction = P28,000 Appendectomy = P24,000 Breech Extraction = P12, 120 Tubal Ligation = P4,000 Cerebral Palsy = P9,500 Cellulities = P9,600 Cataract Surgery = P16,000 Cholecystectomy = P31,000 Caesarian Section = P19,000 Chronic Cholecystitis = P11,300 Newborn Care Package = P1,750 Congenital Anemia = P15,200 Vasectomy Unilateral and Bilateral = P4,000 Emphysema = P11,400 Dengue Fever = P10,000 Severe Dengue = P16,000 Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) Hospitals = P4,000 URTI Primary Care Facilities = P2,800 Congenital Syphilis = P12,800 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) = P12,200 Asthma in Acute Exacerbation for Hospitals = P9,000 In Primary Care Facilities for Asthma = P6,300 Diabetes Mellitus with Complications other than Coma and Ketosis = P12,600 Congenital Hypothyroidism = P9,900 Emphysema = P11,400 Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Standard Risk = P550,000 Expanded Z Morph Package for Prosthesis- Above Elbow = P70,000 Expanded Z Morph Package for Prosthesis - Hip Disarticulation = P135,000 Cervical Cancer Chemoradiation with Cobalt and Brachytheraphy= P120,000  Cervical Cancer Chemoradiation with Linear and Brachytheraphy= P175,000  Colon Cancer Stage 1 and 2 Low Risk = P150,000 Colon Cancer Stage 2 High Risk to Stage 3 = P300,000 Expanded Z Morph Package Spinal Cervicothoracic = P45,000 Expanded Z Morph Package Spinal - Thoralumbosacral = P40,000 Expanded Z Morph Package Spinal -Lumbosacral = P30,000 Breast Cancer Early Stage 0 to Stage 3A = P100,000 Acute Lymphocytic/Lymphoblastic Leukemia Standard Risk = P210,000  Kidney Transplantation = End Stage Renal Disease (Low Risk) = P600,000 Expanded Z Morph Package Prosthesis - Below Elbow = P50,000 Expanded Z Morph Package Prosthesis - Above Knee/Knee Disarticulation = P70,000 Expanded Z Morph Package Ortho/Prosthesis - Ankle Foot = P17,500 Expanded Z Morph Package Orthoses - Hip Knee Ankle Foot = P80,000 Expanded Z Morph Package Prosthesis - Van Ness Rotationplasty = P85,000
For Tagalog graphics to Check How Much is Your PhilHealth Cash Benefit for a Specific Illness, Visit Here

Find Out How This Former OFW Paid P2,400 Philhealth Fee and Saved P23,000 In Hospital Bills