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Monday, December 11, 2017

Household Service Worker Beaten After Refusing To Give Her Cellphone

A housemaid was hurt and maltreated after she refused to hand her cellphone to her boss and now she is asking for help to rescue her. She was slapped and beaten with slippers on the nape and was not allowed to go to her room, forcing her to sleep outside.


Here is her story:

It happened on November 11 at 12pm, her boss asked her to hand her cellphone to him. She strongly refused. She was slapped on the forehead three times because of that. After that, she was awaken in the middle of the night to do some orders. She was asked again regarding her cellphone. Her boss tried to search for it but failed to find it.

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Her boss became enraged and tried throwing slippers at her. She was also hit with it on the head while crying, a basket is even thrown at her. Her boss forcefully took her phone from her pocket and took out the roaming SIM, returning just the phone.


She refused to work anymore because of everything that was done to her. But her boss still want her to work. She asked for her salary that wasnt given to her. She dont want to work there anymore. She was kicked in the head ruthlessly. Until now, she wasnt allowed to sleep inside her room.
She is asking for help that someone will take her and rescue her.

Name: Ainie Farren
Date arrival: May 31, 2017
Immediate family: Bonifacio Pagsuguiron (father)
Mobile #: 09506767101
Agency: S@D manpower services
Contact# agency :; 09399152348 mam lea
09175051265, 09328661440 mam ana

Shared by Ceejay Rufhiert

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