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Sunday, February 26, 2017

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? Jim Paredes Vs. DUTERTE Youth Supporters at People Power Monument

Yesterday, during the EDSA rally, a video of Mr. Jim Paredes was circulated in the social media where he was engaged in a heated argument with two Duterte Youth Supporters.

Watch the video below as he explains his belief amongst the Duterte supporters who chose to be in EDSA:

In the video, Paredes was questioning the Duterte supporter regarding the alleged extra judicial killing in the current administration.  

This is Jim Paredes post in his Facebook account regarding the incident.

Jim Paredes:
"Just came from the EDSA rally. I had an immensely enjoyable confrontation with 7 Duterte youth who crashed the EDSA rally.  They were told to leave but insisted  on staying.  One organizer told them that it was our party and it was like they were pissing on the food by being there. Disrespectful and provocative. 

They had the right to be there. No argument. But we also had the right to engage in debate.

One could not look at me in the eye. The other actually thought he could dismiss me by citing troll propaganda  that I am an Australian citizen. They invented it and they believed it.  I pointed that out. Wala siyang masagot!

All the time, I was thinking that these same people probably liked reading troll comments that threatened me and other people, and wanted my family  and others raped or killed. 

None of them could argue.  They tried  but were incoherent and repeated troll arguments.

It is so satisfying to shut them up when it mattered. Face to face. In person."

He later added:

Jim Paredes: They went to a rally of the people they despise to show disrespect.  And they expected no consequences?  You don't go to the lion's den and expect to be cuddled. Sorry. No Mister Nice Guy here.  You dish out. You take the consequences.

One of his FB friends asked this:
And this is Mr. Jim Paredes reply:

What can you say?

On the other, another Duterte supporter has this to say about Jim Paredes, Atty. Bruce Rivera has a challenge and he is waiting for Mr. Paredes to respond.

Here's another response from Ms Elizabeth Oropesa.