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Saturday, November 26, 2016


According to CNN Philippines news, OFWs from "all over the world" join protest against former president Marcos' heroes burial.
Filipino communities in the Hague, London, Rome and Sydney joined the Black Friday protest.
Migrante International says the real heroes are those who fought Marcos dictatorship including those who have been forced to flee abroad during martial law.
They add, Overseas Filipino Workers continue to bear the brunt of Marcos' labor export policy.

The anti-Marcos protest at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta  ended peacefully according to the reports. Attended with millennials who probably had not been  born yet during martial law, saying that they know what happened and they hope that it will never happen again. 
The program comprised of speeches from anti- Marcos people recalling their ordeal during martial law and bands performances, with an estimate attendees, according to the PNP, some 1,500 protesters that was gradually deteriorated in number as the program continues. 

Meanwhile, Duterte Youth and  Marcos supporters came early at the Luneta park, near the anti- Marcos protesters. The policemen promptly approach them and ask them to assemble on the other side to avoid possible clash or any untoward incidents to happen. Duterte Youth Chairman Ronald Cardeja, questioned the tirades against  President Duterte regarding  Marcos burial at the LNMB, while the president , even during campaign was very vocal and clear of his stand about the issue. Cardeja also slammed those who belong to Duterte cabinet including Vice President Leni Robredo for criticizing the President , suggesting  that they should resign first  before making such tirades.

Cardeja said that the  anti-Marcos protesters should recognize the good projects made during Marcos' time, otherwise, they should not pass through NLEX, SLEX, avoid hospitals made during Marcos regime, do not patronize LRT and others.