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Monday, November 14, 2016


Huroob is an Arabic word for an OFW/expatriate employee that is Takas, o Tumakbo, Nagtago, Nawawala or in English, Escape, Absconder, Run-Away or Absent from Work for a specific period of time that the employer reported to Passport authorities of Saudi Arabia.
Once you are reported to the Saudi authorities as HUROOB, your IQAMA or Saudi Residence Card is declared invalid or cancelled. It is illegal for you to stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, your benefits and rights as legal employee is automatically cancelled and you can only leave the Kingdom through deportation. 

Previously, a ban from entering back the Kingdom between 3 to 5 years is another penalty for huroob workers. But according to report, WORKERS WHO RUN AWAY NOW, FROM THEIR SPONSORS WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RETURN TO THE KINGDOM, according to report quoting Major Gen Khalafallah Al-Tuwairqi. 

Also, the expatriates who run away from their employers or Huroob will be fined SR100,000. Aside from the fine, they could also face deportation and be banned from entering in Saudi Arabia again.
On the other hand, Saudi Nationals who harbor or recruit illegal workers shall be fined up to SR100,000. They could also face imprisonment of up to two years, and their establishment could face closure or they could be banned from recruiting employees for five years.

Last year, there are estimated 480,000 expatriates who violated residency law had been deported from Makkah Region. There are 16,386 expatriates who were caught and fined for transporting o sheltering illegal expatriates.

He also mentioned that it is illegal for expatriates who are in the Kingdom under dependent visa to take employment.

The director gave a warning, “If you shelter, transport or employ illegal expatriates you will face grave consequences,” he warned both the Saudis and legally residing expatriates.

“Umrah pilgrims who remain in the Kingdom after the expiry of their visas will be considered illegal overstayers and dealt with accordingly,” he said.

Here is the process on how to check if your IQAMA status was reported HUROOB
Go to the Ministry of Interior Website: MOI at
"Public Query Available Funds" 
Under MOI Diwan
Enter your Iqama Number in the first box "Identity Number"
Enter the Image Code (Captcha)
Click "View"
If you get 
"Public Query Available Fund Failed, the ID is Invalid" 
there is a very strong possibility that your employer reported you and placed you on Huroob Status. 

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