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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Due to a violation of regulation and rules of recruitment agencies, 126 recruitment offices in Saudi Arabia are now banned from recruiting domestic workers from eight approved countries.

Eight countries, included the Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and

Khalid Aba Al-Khail, spokesman of Ministry of Labor and Social Development they are monitoring individuals and offices that illegally recruiting domestic workers in the Kingdom.

The cost of the domestic helpers from above mentioned countries ranges from SR8,000 to SR22,000. The employer may request having a maid, nanny, nurse, driver or worker.

A fine of SR10,000 is waiting for those who caught violating individuals or offices. They may also face human trafficking charges or their business will be closed.

With this, the Ministry is appealing the public to deal only with certified offices, which are on the Musaned online portal.

It is an online portal that has been launched to help citizens to recruit their male and female domestic workers without being exploited by middlemen.


1. Daily Off Hours - The domestic labor shall be allowed to enjoy a daily rest for at least nine hours a day.

2. Weekly Rest - The domestic labor may get one day off per week, based on the agreement of the parties in the contract

3. Medical Care - Medical Care shall be provided to the domestic labor in accordance with the rules and regulations enforced in the Kingdom.

(WATCH:Saudi implements new rules to benefit domestic workers)

4. Sick Leave - The domestic labor shall be entitled to a paid sick leave not exceeding thirty days per year upon a medical report proving his/her need for the sick leave.

5. Upon renewing the Contract - The domestic labor is entitled to one month paid vacation upon completion of two years of service and wanted renewal for a similar period.

6. End of Service Benefits - The domestic labor shall be entitled to end of service award of one month pay, if he/she completed four consecutive years in the service of the employer.


1. Probation Period for Domestic Labor - The parties may agree to place the domestic labor on probation for a period not exceeding (ninety) days, during which the employer shall ensure the professional competence of the domestic labor and his proper personal conduct.

It is not permissible to put the domestic labor on probation for more than once with the same employer unless the parties agree that the domestic labor shall work in a different profession. 

2. Contracting - The working relationship between the domestic labor and the employer shall be regulated by a written contract. The Arabic text shall be the prevailing version. The contract and its translation - if any – shall be issued in three copies, with each party retaining a copy and the third one shall be deposited with the Private Recruitment Office. There should be a clear identification of the following main factors: 

The type of work to be performed by the domestic labor 
The Wage that the employer shall pay to the domestic labor 
Rights and obligations of both parties 
Duration of the probation period 
Duration of the contract and method of extension 

3. Contract termination during probation period - The employer may terminate the contract at his own will during the probation period without any responsibility on him if the domestic labor is proved to be unfit. 

4. Upon Contract expiration of termination for an illegal reason - If the contract expired, or was canceled by the employer for an illegitimate reason, or by the domestic labor for a legitimate reason, the employer shall bear the value of the ticket for repatriation of the domestic labor to his/her country. 

5. Upon contract termination upon the death of either party - The Contract shall expire by the death of the employer or the domestic labor. If the employer's family is willing to keep the domestic labor, they will have to check with the labor office to correct the name of the employer 

6. Upon the absence of domestic labor - When the domestic labor quits his/her work, the employer shall do the following:


1. The work agreed upon

The employer is obliged:

Not to assign the domestic labor with work not agreed upon in the contract, or work for others, except in cases of necessity, ensuring the work is not substantially different from his/her original work.

Not to assign the domestic labor any risky work to health or safety of his/her body, or negatively affects his/her dignity.

Not to sublet the domestic labor, or allow him/her to work for his/her own account.

2. The agreed upon wage

The employer is obliged:

To pay the agreed wage at the end of each Hijri month, unless the parties agree -otherwise- in writing.

To pay the wage and entitlements in cash or by check, and document it in writing, unless the labor wants to transfer the wage to a specific bank account.

3. Deduction from the wage

The wage of the domestic labor may not be deducted except in the following cases and not with more than half the wage:

Costs of what he/she intentionally or negligently damaged. 

A down payment he/she obtained from the employer

Implementation of a court judgment or an administrative decision issued against him/her, unless it has been stipulated in the court judgment or the administrative decision that the deduction exceeds half the wage.

4. Domestic Labor Housing 

The employer is obliged to provide a suitable housing for the domestic labor.


Meanwhile, Replacement Administration in the Ministry of Civil Service has refused to renew contracts of 478 expat medical professionals working at King Saud University (KSU).

It is because these workers had spent a long period of time in the Kingdom.

There are also qualified Saudis to replace them in their works.

According to report, King Saud University requested the Ministry of Civil Service to renew the contracts of 516 male and female medical professionals who had spent more than 10 years on the job.

But the administration refused to renew the contracts of 478 employees. Only exempted are seven consultant doctors and 31 assistant doctors.



Anonymous said...

I am working for 8 months but I have no day off.. what can I do? I signed my contract because it was written that there is day off once week but I I have no day off until now

Anonymous said...

same here!no day off,in my contract 4 members. but when i arrived here. 9 member..when there is a party in other houses. i still working on their was not right

Anonymous said...

They don't follow what's written in the contract...
No weekly day off and working almost 15hours most of the day... Sleep late at night and wake up early... Maybe it's better they monitor us and those who caught violating the contract will pay like the rules in Cyprus.. Employers will pay if they don't follow what's written in the contract...

Anonymous said...

here also i work 2 houses in a day no relax no day off

Anonymous said...

18 months now here,no day off, they told me to extend 1 more year here but i said no, because really want to go home,, what will i do if they, not let me return home when my contract ends,, im afraid that will happen bcoz i can't go outside and they don't give my salary to me,they just send money to my family if there is an emergency

Anonymous said...

My contract already expires, .my concern today is i want to go home to the philippines, but they told me i have to wait for the other maid to arrive...

Anonymous said...

10months with out day off,.. Its hard.. Even once a month day off its ok, i just need a break. Just sleep for whole day.. No pay no work..even your sick you have to work

Anonymous said...

The government here and in the Philippines should do or even check the situation of every domestic helpers if their employers follows all the agreement on their signed contract. Coz sometimes other employer abuse their employee's rights! 16 hrs of work, no rest time, no day off even once a month , no free sanitary was that?? We just keep on hoping that all these rules and regulations posted should be enforce by the government.

Anonymous said...

No free sanitary needs no day off not allowed
To buy new mobile the mobile im using right now is my mobile when i came here and now its not working good....

Anonymous said...

Same at you. Better to ban my agency here in Jeddah they block me when I told them I can't work in two houses. They take 21k SAR from my employer they ignore me Coz they can't give it back the money to my employer if I go.

Anonymous said...

If i were you guys...go back home before anything bad happen to you. Women are classed as 2nd class citizen in the Middle East.
You all are busting your asses working very hard, while the agencies get more
money than you. You are just being used by your employers and agencies.
There are other ways to generate/earn money back home. Go back to your family...take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Get in touch with the agency who got you the job and tell them what's happening.

Anonymous said...

I've been 3 yrs working in my employer but seems they not follow the contract written,it seems I've been talking to them regarding to my work and I rather to look for another employers then he allowed me to have ther phone # and name to include in my references in my email address, but suddenly that time some calling, he refused and taking bad words, shouting to my new employers,and ask for payment about 27 thousands sar for eqama transfer; now I'm still in thier hands; my questions is do I have my right to transfer my eqama? It seems I'm done her for 3 yrs..n what way I'm going to do to make safe my wOrkney transfer?

Anonymous said...

I am also working hir in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh I have been working also for 1yr and 2months but no also day off.. I thought they will do what in the contract but it's not...

Anonymous said...

Rules and regulations written here were not actually being followed by many.. especially day off and the hours of rest.. Lucky are those who have, but sad to say mostly were not. Agencies should do the monitoring, HINDI YUNG WALA NG PAKIALAM AFTER DEPLOYMENT, HINDI YUNG NGSASABI KA NA NG PROBLEMA SA KANILA EH IKAW PA SISISIHIN AT PAGAGALITAN. They should be the one who should check if these rules are really being implemented.. it was agreed by both side, so I wonder why there are still employers who manage to ignore and take these rules for granted.. we, OFWs, esp those working as DH should be aware of their rights as well. Nakakalungkot lang na dahil sa kagustuhan naten kumita ng pera we opt to remain silent nalang and mgtiis. ��.. (kasi daw AT the first place when you decided to go and work overseas dapat marunong ka mgtiis, mgtyaga, mgpasensya...) kasi we know na kahit na mgvoice out tau at mgreklamo, wala naman mgyayari.. sino ba dapat lapitan?, ung totoong may malasakit at hindi dahil sa binabayaran lang.. Sa dami ng may prob hindi naman lahat naaccomodate and natutulungan.. maganda siguro iban din ng agencies sa pinas ung mga employer na hindi sumusunod sa rules mention above.. wag sana sila mging gahaman na dahil lang sa ngbabayad eh hahayaan na nila ung mga kababayan nila mgsuffer.. tsk.tsk., just saying... we all have our freedom of expression..

Anonymous said...

same on me i work two houses,5days in one house and two days in other day off and sleep late.almost 15hours of work.

Anonymous said...

Tama po kayo kabayan.Gusto ko nga son ipablocklist tong mga ko.kaso dili alam kung paano.any idea po kayo kabayan, pahelp naman po.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Been working for 29 years same employer.what is the computation of my end of service?thank you.