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Thursday, November 24, 2016


As much as possible, we Overseas Filipino Workers wants to save for our family and our future. And it pains us when our savings or hard-earned money falls into the hands of thieves.
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This is what happen to a 47-year old OFW who became victim of automated teller machine (ATM) scam in Cebu City.

Eniel Ybañez, a resident of Barangay Lutopan in Toledo City, said he discovered on Saturday that P200,000 was missing from his ATM account.


He just discovered that someone made anauthorize withdrawals when he checked the bank.
The P200,000 is a part of his P278,000 savings while working at Qatar for two years as construction worker.
Ybañez went home last May.
The last time he withdraw from his ATM was on November 11 at the South General Hospital in Naga City when he only took P4,000.

They said, "It is better to be safe than sorry." This is really true most especially in our hard-earned money or income. What happens to Eniel Ybañez of Cebu is some kind of ATM fraud when the fraudster took his money from his ATM account, of course, without his knowledge.

Using ATM is one of the most convenient ways of handling our money, but we should also take important security measure to avoid being a victim of fraud.

Here are different kinds of ATM fraud we should be aware!

1. ATM Card Skimming

The card reader is installed in the right part of the ATM's card slot. The reader can capture the data in the magnetic strip of the card.

Once you insert your ATM card, data will automatically be captured. This scam is more popular in credit card because criminals can gain more compared to ATM cards.

2. Salisi Gang

Also known as “Ipit Gang” or “Laglag Barya Gang”. Known to be common when there is a long line of cardholders at the ATM or during paydays.
When cash is being dispensed by the ATM, a member of a gang will drop coins and ask help from the cardholder.
When a cardholder tries to help by picking up the bills, another gang member will immediately get the cash waiting at the cash out shutter and then flee as fast as he can.

3. Cash Trapping
Cash trapping is done by the group called “Ruler Gang”.
A member of the gang will install a specially fabricated “ruler” device onto the cashout shutter of the ATM and leaves it there. This device looks exactly like the cash out shutter of the machine. When an unsuspecting cardholder tries to withdraw, the cash will be trapped inside.

When the cardholder leaves thinking there is a problem with the machine, the gang will remove the device with the cash still glued on it using their special prying tool.

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4. Fake assistance

Be careful when someone is offering a help especially inside the ATM both. This is may be another ATM fraud targeting elderly and those new in having ATM cards.

When the suspects spotted their victim, they will appear to be very helpful and offer assistance, but in reality, they are memorizing the card number and your PIN.

With this information, the can easily transfer funds to their own bank account using the internet or mobile phone or a clone ATM card.

With the card number and PIN, the gang can easily transfer the funds to their own bank account using the internet or mobile phone or a clone ATM card.

So the next time you do a transaction with ATM machine, be sure to do it in safe places such as inside the banks or malls.