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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Philip, I want to tell you a story and like all good stories it starts like this…Once upon a time, there was a FATHER and in case you can’t figure that out, that’s me. This FATHER had a wonderful little boy. He was very happy. Then one day he found out his wife was going to have another baby. So he prayed, “Lord if it’s Your will…make her a little girl.” And He did.
I was the first person to hold her in my arms. And I looked at her and said, “Lord make her like her mother.” And He did. She was loving and giving and so good and so kind. But then I realized I was getting left out. So I said, “Lord make her like me.” And He did. She could drive a truck and a tractor. She could load hay and chew tobacco. Do you realize what you’re getting? But at the same time she was opinionated, emotional and hard-headed.
So I said, “Lord that’s enough of that! Make her like YOU!” And He did.
He gave her the desire to serve people. She loves people. She gave her life to being a nurse. She’s brought people back from the dead. And she’s held the hand of people who have breathed their last breath. He gave her a heart for mission and she’s trekked all over the world: pushing canoes up swollen rivers, laid on the floor as bullets whizzed outside so she could tell people about Jesus.
But still something was missing. So I said, “Lord, make her happy.” AND SHE MET YOU. You see that look on her face? I never saw that, until she met you. And I’m grateful for that.
Today I’m giving you the best thing I have to give. And I just wanted you to know before I did that how hard me and God has worked to get her ready. So Philip, as I give her to you, I don’t think you’ll mind if I give you one more word of advice…Me and God have worked hard. Don’t screw it up!

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Posted by Latinos Post on Wednesday, April 15, 2015