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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Kenyan in Saudi-Jailed For Chatting With A Woman In Facebook

The Saudi government has strict policies when it comes to interaction and segregation of men and women. 

  • There are malls and stores that  allows only families. It means that women can get in but bachelors cannot, unless they are with their family. 
  • Women are not supposed to dine in restaurants single's/bachelor's area, instead they should dine in the  family section.
  • Men and women who are not family related are not supposed to talk to each other or be seen together alone or in public.  
  • Women are not supposed to be alone in a car with a man. However there is unclear boundaries regarding this because women are not allowed to drive, but they can hire drivers to drive for them but they have to sit at the back of the car and never on the seat next to the driver. The same thing when riding taxi. 
But their policies are not clear when it comes to use of social media. Because recently a Kenyan man has been jailed after he was caught chatting with a woman in Facebook. He was also caught to have pictures of that woman in his phone. 
The act is said to be in apparent contravention of the Sunni Kingdom's Puritannical Laws.

Juma Laki's mother already pleaded with their government to help him on his case and have him repatriated.