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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

NATIONAL Museum Waving its PHP 150 Entrance Fee As We Celebrate National Heritage Month

The Philippines is a rich country. Maybe you won't agree on that statement if you are only looking on its economic standing. But we are referring to its natural resources, its cultural heritage, its historic background. And most importantly its people, it includes those who lives in our history, those who make up "us" right now, and our future generation.  We are highly skilled, and professional workers and our services are valued in many countries. I remember one time meeting a westerner, she said kindly, "I meet Filipinos everywhere I go. I can't even imagine the world anymore without them. They are in the hospitals, the cruise ships, salons, air planes, and in the household of my friend...." Indeed, we should always remember, we are part of the wealth of our county. The deeply held values, our family, our history, our culture- these are only some of the things that makes us "Filipinos".

As we celebrate the National Heritage Month, the National Museum is offering a FREE entrance for the entire month of May. On ordinary days they charge Php 150 entrance fee to the museum.

Contact details:
Address: P. Burgos St., Ermita
+63 2 527 1215

Open from: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm