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Saturday, March 28, 2009


It has been said that there are more than 100 million blogs in the World Wide Web, spanning from all across the continents. And along with each blog are hundreds or maybe thousands of millions of posts and entries of different varieties, photos, cartoons, art, music, poems, essays and all forms of expression. But at the beginning and end of each of this post is an individual human longing for something…longing to be heard. Each and every post is a human being with a desire to express and to be appreciated… The aspiration to share, sometimes, even our skeletons-in-the-closets or our most sacred stories.

I have noticed that since publishing the Ka-blogs, there is a concoction of ideas, comments and friendship between Pinoy Expats and OFW’s around the world. Friendships develop, and the more we post about our work, our location, our thoughts and musings, our ideas and opinions, the more know each other, the more we understand and value our differences and our uniqueness. Each post be it from Japan, China, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK, California, Dubai, Malaysia, Brunei, or Saudi, is from someone Filipino in blood and heart, and when we unite, there is one word in that hundreds of thread that binds us all together, Filipino. There is one hope that binds us all too, TO SHARE. Some might be blogging for money or glory, but collectively, we all blog to SHARE.

There are people who blog about their great characters, their competence, their initiative, their stories and dreams, their visions and wisdoms gained. They blogged about their inspiring moral authority and lifted others to the higher grounds. They have wonderful identities, simple people, accountants, secretaries, engineers, construction worker, IT personnel, or plain ladies or mothers. They share their strengths and talents, and we noticed. We followed them. We shared comments.  They are not the best or highest paid people in their companies or famous in their communities, but bloggers, especially the Pinoy’s out there, become the model and source of excellence in this times of crisis and mediocre government.

I can’t fully express how I admire the Pinoy bloggers in my Kablog list, and I hope they keep going and more will be enlisted. I have admired the poems, photos, cartoons, and blog entries of you guys. In more than one time, I have express to most of you in my commenting how much I admire the post. I am a fast reader, I feel like I am an Alien sometimes in crunching the post, and I just wish and hope I think and type in the keyboard faster too!

Saan niyo po ba kinukuha ang mga nakakatawa, nakakatuwa, or nakakainspire na entries ninyo? Ganun pa man, maraming salamat sa pagshare. Muntik ko na makalimutan na pwede pala ako magtagalog, haha!



Mrs. Thoughtskoto said...

I really admire you for finding ways to share your thoughts and inspire others.

treat mo naman kami sa labas today.Ü

The Pope said...

Hinubog tayo ng makulay na kasaysayan kung saan natin naabot ang ating kasalukuyang estado na patuloy na humaharap sa iba't-ibang hamon sa buhay, bilang OFW, patuloy nating pinahahanga ang buong mundo sa ating sipag, talino at talento bilang Pinoy.

Sa kabila ng multiplicity of languages natin sa iba't ibang kapuluan ng Pilipinas, hindi naging sagabal ang paglikha ng blog ang dahil sa mataas na antas na ating literacy rates sa buong mundo, naging madali sa bawa't Pilipino ang pagsulat ng blog sa Tagalog, Ingles o Taglish.

At ang power of blogs ay nagbukas ng pinto sa mga Pilipino to expand their creativities in writing to freely express their passion, love and emotions without limits and bounderies - isang paraang upang tayo'y aliwin, patawanin, paiyakin at magbigay inspirasyon sa ating buhay.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy bloggers at more power sa Ka-Blogs.

EǝʞsuǝJ said...

kuya pengeng tissue..dumugo ilong ko dahil english yung post mo.joke :)

Meron tayong iba't ibang personalities which makes each one of us a "unique" blogger.
Kudos kuya kenji!
thanks for appreciating our posts!

poging (ilo)CANO said...

muntik na....muntik nang dumugo ang ilong ko....buti na lang sa bandang huli..napigilan ko..may tagalog na kasi eh!..

blogging really changed my boring life....

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Thanks for binding us.. I considered blogging as one of the most inspiring sites.

madjik said...

salamat din for sharing part of yourself to us all^^

Ken said...

Mrs.koto, thank you! mwahhh! hehehe, ikaw firs, as in firs na firs...

The Pope, pagpalain ka kapatid. Bakit ang galing galing mo umingles at magtagalog? hmmmn, at may blog ka pa about sa You Change my Life, hehehe, ang daming kinikilig sa movie na yun, pati dentist ko.

Jen, tsk tsk, kawawa naman, sori, nakalimutan ko pwede pala magtagalog. okay na ba ang ilong mo. hehehe, Inlab ka lang Jen, kaya ganyan. hehe

Pogi, pogi pa rin, thanks parekoy. I wonder sometimes how you find time blogging kahit busy sa work dyan, pero nabasa ko ang diary mo, di na ako nagwowowonder now...adik ka rin pala. hehe

Ate Loida, musta po, Canada na pala ang next destination niyo. Ingat po lagi and thanks for coming!

Sir Madjik? Yeheyyyy! mabuhay ka parekoy, ikaw ay bumalik, sbi ko na nga ba, babalik at babalik ka rin sa mundo ng blogging! Onward March April May June...!!!

RJ said...

Salamat din sa iyo, dahil ikaw ang nagsimula ng Ka-blogs site. Napakagandang move 'yong ginawa mong 'yon Mr. Thoughtskoto! o",)

NJ Abad said...

You just don't know how Ka-Blogs turned upside down and sideways my involvement in the bloggersphere. I felt at home the moment I signed in with Ka-Blogs.

We may differ in opinions, creed, beliefs and thoughts... but we are one in expressing ourselves without inhibitions and fear.

We may extend our tents and circles of influences but Ka-Blogs family will always be there as a family!

Thanks and just to let you know that your initiative, effort and leadership is greatly appreciated.

Kudos to Ka-blogs!