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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Nation of Fakes Naman Sila!

"But hold on—even the Filipinos? Manila has just claimed sovereignty over the scattered rocks in the South China Sea called the Spratly Islands, complete with a blatant threat from its congress to send gunboats to the South China Sea to defend the islands from China if necessary. This is beyond reproach. The reason: there are more than 130,000 Filipina maids working as $3,580-a-month cheap labor in Hong Kong. As a nation of servants, you don't flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter."

- Isang walang Kwentang Columnist sa Hongkong

Ay paano naman po ang bansa na katulad ng sa inyo? Anong idinulot niyo sa mundo?

Have you heard about SARS, Bird FLU, Melamine, Lead in baby toys, and formalin’s or siopao meat made of  cardboard?! 

What about a nation of Immitation? A nation of Fakes? What about a nation of drugs and mandurugas?

I’d rather live in a nation full of hardworking, decent and yes, serving people than live in a nation full of frauds.

Mas matalino pa ang maid mo kaysa sa iyo, imagine a degree in politics in UP, eh di nangamote ka!

Buti pa siya pinasulat mo ng article!

Ay yes, nagsorry na siya. Sorry na pilit.

 Ayaw ko na sana patulan, but I want to keep it in record dito na pag inaalipusta ang kapwa ko, lalo na't kapareho kong OFW, hindi ko mapapalagpas yan. 

Mr. Cheap Chip, I advise you and your publisher to consult with Nebz or mas mabuti magpatutor ka kina Azel at Jee.

Thank you Ate Loida for the link of of the photo article above and for first reading it at Ruphael's and Pope's Blog. Other Kablogs bloggers also commented and blogged about this issue.