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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Goodbye Francis Magalona - The Filipino Rap Icon

Photo from IGMA

 This is our personal tribute.

This is an echo of Mighty Dacz blog post about the passing of Francis Magalona.

We are not a fan of rap. 

Truly, honestly, frankly.

But we admire him.

Not because we are the administrator (and it's known to his family and her star-actress daughter) of the 2nd oldest and one of the most popular and number one resource (if you Google) Maxene Magalona Fansite.

I still have more than a thousand photos and stories that is not yet uploaded and articles that is not published because of lack of time to do it or edit it.

Not because the Thoughtskoto family and his wife, Ms. Pia are friends and direct contact in Multiply

But we admire him, because of a few simple and seemingly priceless things to the world that he does.

His love to his wife...visible in public, more sweeter and more loving in private, at least the way we see it.

His way of rearing a large, and beautiful and handsome and yet smart and bright kids...

(May picture ako ng buong family nila, kasama ang mga boyfriends nila Maxene and Saab, (pati adopted nila, pinalaki at pinaaral...can you imagine a large family - 8 kids and yet may adopted?) and will post it here kapag nahanap ko na ngayon or bukas kasi I will post this blog entry to my Multiply, Friendster, Bloggers and Facebook ko)

And the way he did conduct his life although he had some shares of failures and mistakes too yet he rose above those things and left a legacy that some of us will never forget.

We are at lost of words for his passing at a very young age, 44-45. Today, we join you all in condoling his bereaved family, and praying for the repose of his soul.



Nebz said...

I really felt his loss. Nu'ng malaman nga namin, I thought it was just a cruel joke. Pero nung maconfirm namin na totoo, then we realized that Philippines lost another of its icons.

I'm not a fan of Francis M but I really like his tagalog raps.

EǝʞsuǝJ said...

nakakalungkot talga, kasi although beforehand alam na natin na may sakit xa, still he shoul've lived longer and nakita naman natin sa kanya how he strived and strongly faced his condition. Many people will surely miss him...

The Pope said...

Di maitatangi ang kanyang kontribusyon sa musika, kung saan sumikat ang rap music na may temang makabayan at dito nagbigay daan sa mga bagong musikero na sumabay sa agos ng kayang kasikatan.

RJ said...

Mr. Thoughtskoto, hindi ka fan ng rap, pero sa tingin ko gusto niyo ang 'Mga Kababayan Ko' ni Francis M.

Nabasa ko rin ang post ni Mightydacz... mula du'n nasilip ko rin ang Multiply blog ni Francis M. Sigurado ang dami-daming bumibisita sa blog niya ngayon.

Sardonyx said...

I feel sad for him and for his family. Ang dami pa nyang anak, maliliit pa. I've been following his blog but then nashocked pa rin kasi nga I thought he would still live longer pero ang bilis pala ng leukemia lalo na siguro kung walang pera. I like his song Kaleidoscope, Cold Summer Nights and of course Mga Kababayan ko. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Francis M.