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Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry, Your Rantings Drowned

I won't be linking him here. He's stalking me. 
I like him as a friend, but for some reason, 
he simply doesn't have the capacity to accept and the powers to comprehend.

Yes, my friend. I was so busy the past few days with my projects, and I simply doesn't have the luxury of time to entertain your cheap shots and losers wail. I was raised by my goodly parents to love my fellow men, and to be kind, and was taught to understand and accept others differences.

I won't quote what you said, what you emailed and posted. 
Your rantings and wailings, your running around wild like you been robbed are drowned by the many positive comments by those who are optimistic, and supportive to our cause.

Mrs. Thoughtskoto  asked me to break my silence regarding this and clarify the matter. Let me just keep it straight. I am not mad at you and your cohorts. This is democracy. Everybody is free, except here in Saudi, haha! :)


Please do not degrade the judges of our choosing. Their sacrifices and volunteer effort in judging is stressful, and yet without expecting anything in return they did what they were asked to do -to visit one by one the more than 20 nominees and read and judge the content of their blog. You can question the result, but never ever demean people. Everybody who participated in the contest should understand and respect the uniqueness of each blog. There will always be differences between bloggers and blogs. It doesn't mean that because you didn't land on the top 10, your blog is of lesser worth than the others. Every blog is unique, every blog has a strong point, some stronger than the others. Mrs. Thoughtskoto helped collate and finalize the ratings and commented how some missed it merely by points. 


I can accept that. We are really nothing in the blogosphere. We are just simple and quiet people, doing what we think is best and will cause happiness, writing what we think will inspire others, swimming in the oceans of  almost 20 million blogs. Our data's and metrics are nothing compared to you, but we didn't blog because we wanted to be rich, famous or gain glory. The adulation of the crowd will someday fade away when the fire is no more fanned by excitements and inspirations. But we are here to develop and build friendships, not make enemies. 


I will take that as a compliment. Thank you. 
I hope it is not true that my visitors are offended because of the religious theme and aggregators I posted in my sidebars. For the last couple of years I posted inspirational themes and messages. Never have I imposed my faith and belief to somebody, most especially in the net. I always subscribe to the belief that we are all free to worship and believe according to the dictates of our own conscience and let others do the same. 

But I ask for civility and tolerance.
You can laugh at my grammars, and my postings but

Whatever you say or do, reflects the kind of person you are. Demeaning other people's most sacred and deeply held association, values and beliefs show the poor if not the lack of judgement on your side. Sorry to say that. Prove me it's wrong.

Sorry your rantings drowned. See the link below of some of the many people who commented about the blog awards.

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