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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Thoughtsmoto is a blog aggregator in a hope to gather all Filipino blogs manage by Expats and OFW's around the world for an easy one-stop or one site visit by visitors.

Everytime a blogger updates his/her post, he or she will automatically be put on top in his/her designated location. As we expand we will do the aggregating by countries. Please spread the word! We hope to gather atleast a thousand Pinoy Blogs! 

You can also send me email of your blog URL or Feeds and your country of location.


Ken said...

you're already added in asia pacific region, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nakita ko na ang aggregator site na sabi mo, Kenji. Isa kang henyo! Bilang pasasalamat sa pagsali mo ng URL ko, I pasted the Ka-Blog logo on my site.

Great service, mate!

Ken said...

PinoyXfat, salamat sa pagbisita and thanks for the great favor sa Ka-blogs!

Hehe, nilink kita dito sa sidebar ko, thank you po ulit sau.

NJ Abad said...

This sounds interesting!

Count me in...

Blog name:Desert Aquaforce
Country: Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

Hi Kabayan,

I Ana aka filipinamom. Although there's a lot of filipinos up here but not on the blogosphere. I interested to be included on your list.
I write about almost anything my life, the filipino community, the au pairs problem etc.

Blog Name: The Filipina Mom in
Url: Http://
Country: Denmark

Thanks and regards

Ken said...

Thanks Ana, You are already added under Europe region.

Thanks a lot!

Jun said...


Musta po sa lahat.

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Good luck po sa lahat na gustong pupunta ng Denmark.

Anonymous said...

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Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I would also like to be added on your list.

country: US

Salamat po!