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Thursday, January 29, 2009


"Knowledge is like the water in the river, it flows freely until it reaches the ocean. But if you let it stay somewhere along the way, it will be stagnant, and useless..."

Ano bang pinaggagawa ko at sobrang busy ako...

I am a Student. 
I am never too old to learn, but never too wise not to gain more wisdom or advanced my "1 + 1" or which comes first, "egg or chicken?" intelligence. Thus, I am burning my lashes studying in Watershed Academy the US-Environmental Protection 
Agency Watershed Management Program. Along with some online trainings and studies I am currently enrolled.
I am an education enthusiast. I am waving the banner of education high and above sa sino man na gustong mag-aral. 
Knowledge is like the water in the river, it flows freely until it reaches the ocean. But if you let it stay somewhere along the way, it will be stagnant, and useless, babaho..!aalingasaw..! oppps, sori, carried away! 

Chemist ako, minsan engineer, minsan (scientist daw) sayangtest.
Aside from supervising the running of the reverse osmosis which is greatly responsible for the quality of water we sell, I am also supervising the mixing of the chemicals and additive, leading the laboratory and overseeing the analysis, and making sure that each bottle that leaves the plant/company being sold in the market is sweet and of excellent quality. 
Quite a task, for a small guy, and a meager salary job.
Ito mga tauhan ko sa laboratory, isang Egyptian, Pinoy (mas gwapo at mabait kaysa saken) and a Saudi.

There are times I feel like an engineer too, laying out the foundation of the new building, the new tanks, the new RO, the new machines, and purchasing the materials that we need to make the operation smooth, and unhampered. 
There are times I have to grow my beard, ng pagkahaba haba, oo, mahaba pa diyan, 
or my hair ng mas mahaba pa din dyan. 
Wear my magic robe, 
may magic mask, 
may magic gloves, 
wala lang akong magicsaucer... hehe 
Feels and looks like scientest doing research and experiments, 
sayang tests.

Graphics, Photo and Video Artist din daw
This what keeps me busy the past few weeks, 200 pieces of things like this, in vcd, dvd, with cover...
Me and my family wished Kenneth and Helga the best wedding!

Cellphone Technician daw ako
Umabot na yata ng isan daan mahigit na kabayan at itik at pato ang nalagyan ko ng applications sa cellphone. Kapag Mobily ang simcard mo, pag nilagyan kita ng yahoo messenger na ito, 10-15 halalas(cents) lang ang oras na kakaltasin sau. Marami rin akong ibang application at games, punong puno yata ang memory ko. Yun nga lang kumikitang kabuhayan din ito, umabot yata ng 700SR (300USD) ang kinita ko nung malapit na manganak si misis at todo kayod ako. hehe
Ang charge ko, 20 SR bawat lagay, with a package of 5 applications plus training pa. Mantakin mo naman, isang install ko, 15 minutes minimum kasi may kasama pang demo how to use it. Ngayon sa isang linggo meron lima katao magpapalagay.

Full Time Dada at 24 hours Hubby
Sa lahat ng raket at mga extra curi curi ko, ito ang walang kita, kung iisipin ko, lugi pa nga, pero pinakaenjoy at pinakamasaya sa lahat. hehe 
Ang maging ulirang ama
(dada, mafi malum)

 sa napakacute na baby that will occupy most of my time, that will sleep at my chest or arms, that will call you sweetly "dadaae" and will intentionally eye for my nose with her two recently develop weapon of mass destruction. She has two bugs bunny teeth! Yay!
All the pain and worries at work will simply vanish away everytime I am with her and her mom. Her bright innocence and lovely face is seemingly giving me tremendous hope to be optimistic about the future. And with a very supportive and understanding and caring wife, I couldn't ask for more.

Manager ng Thoughtskoto
Teacher ako ng isang grupo sa mga kids, ages 5-7 every Friday. 
Walang bayad, voluntary service.
Activities Committee chairman din ako sa LDS group namin, libre din, pero katakot takot na activities lalo na this Valentine may bowl ang mga Pinoy, Kano, British, South African, Australian, at mga ibang lahi na kasama sa group namin. 
Ako ang chairman, ako magpapasaya. 
Clowning tawag dun. haha

Kailangan ko help niyo.  
I want somebody to help me run the Thoughtsmoto-KA BLOGS. 
I want you to help me add Pinoy Expats or OFW blogs na alam niyo. 
I can grant you admin status so you can add 
Group of Bloggers like for example Australia, London/UK, Malaysia.  
Any country na sobra sa 5 blogs, gawan na ng separate na Group. 
Just verify it lang ha.
No pressures here, just if you have the time, and the ways na lagi online, 
please help me sort the list. 
Email me here