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Monday, January 12, 2009

To those who are Following and Subscribing to Thoughtskoto

For a long time, I've been so busy with so many projects that I forgot to checked my sidebar as to who are those following my blogs and who are those who subscribed to Thoughtskoto blogs.

and the more than 70 Subscribers mostly via Google Readers.

It feels so good knowing some people read your thoughts, nevermind if they leave comments or not. hehe

Thank you may not be enough...but it truly comes from the bottom of our heart!
We wish more people to follow, more comments to share and more blogs to visit.

As a treat, we are giving you something. Let us know if you are interested to have this little surprise from us. 

It's a late Christmas gift, as we promise before, and we got caught by the holidays and the Search project, but anyways, its better to be late than never. Email or leave us a comment. 

If you want to receive this surprise from us, you can follow or subscribe to our blog.



Anonymous said...


Salapi ang gusto ko -- limpak-limpak na salapi pambayad ng condo ko. hindi litrato. :)

Just dropping by.

Cheers, mate!

Ken said...

haha! PXfat, nangungutang nga ako sau kasi kubo lang dream namin...sau condo at may downpayment na yun!

Thanks po for dropping by.

Euroangel said...

visiting here ..have a great day!!

Ken said...

Thanks Ruby for dropping by.

I am going to your blog, both you and condoko and search for your contact details. As promise, those who follow our blogs will receive a simple yet very very meaningful gift from us. This gift we are giving changed our lives, and makes us a better person.

How is Germany by the way Ruby?