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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

OFW Awarded As Hero After Saving Saudi Man Trapped In Flood

More rain is expected in Jeddah and its neighboring areas. 

Saudi General Authority of Meteorology & Environmental Protection posted a weather update on its Twitter saying; “Rain will continue in Jeddah while heavy rain is expected in Makkah and Taif,” Some parts of the Kingdom will continue to experience torrential rain. Earlier it resulted in school and universities closure.

Suspension of classes has been announced in Makkah Region for the safety of students.


The following photos are taken from Arab News.

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On the other hand, all schools in Taif and Jeddah remained closed due to bad weather. It is reported by Saudi Press Agency. Authorities have closed six tunnels in Jeddah that were flooded by waters due to heavy rains.

The weather bureau added that Medinah and Makkah regions will experience rain and thunderstorm. Areas included experiencing bad weather are coastal areas of the region as well as mountains of Jazan, Asir and Baha Regions.

The Civil Defense warned resident to avoid areas that are prone to flooding and avoid going near rivers.

This video is posted on Facebook by Sarah Bande Itliong. The video is taken in the rescue operation for a Saudi man trapped in his car in the middle of the flooded area. In the post, it said, firefighters refused to save the man but a Filipino came to save him!
OFW Dau Balendo receiving his award. Photo via OFW Ako Inc. Facebook Page

The OFW identified to be Dawod Balendo,  and he was awarded for his heroic deed during the flood when he saved a Saudi National trapped in a flood in Jeddah.

He was 37 years old from Pagadian City and working as a family house driver for a month and a half in Jeddah. He was previously working in Jubail.

He said he was not afraid of death and he deserves no honor because what he did is just his duty toward his fellow human.

In the viral video and elderly Saudi man was trapped inside his car in the middle of a flood in Abruq Al-Righama street in east Jeddah while the crowd simply stood to watch.

 in east Jeddah while a large crowd of people simply stood to watch.

“Some people tried to deter me from swimming to reach the man in distress. They kept shouting that the Civil Defense would soon come to save him but I did not heed their calls,” he said.

When Balindong reached the man, he offered his hands for him to jump in. He took the man in his hands and swam all the way to safety on the dry side of the road.

The Civil Defense even issued a public apology after its two staff in the scene failed to do something to save the man.

Here are some videos of flooding in different areas in Saudi Arabia.