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Friday, August 29, 2014


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao respond to a question about Death Penalty. This video posted by Dr. Richard Mata has gained almost 9,000 shares in the social media, Facebook.
This is the incomplete transcript of what he said. Watch the video below to view the full detail of the quick interview last August 25.

"Matagal ko ng sinasabi yan, when I was a congressman...ako pa man din, ayaw ko. Sabi ko marami pa tayong patayin, huwag mong pigilan ang batas. Tapos it was not passed during our time, 11th congress, kami yung congress na nag-impeach ni Estrada. It was at that time na gusto nila i-lift ang death Penalty. Ayaw ko. Ayaw namin. Marami kami, kaya sa botohan natalo sila. Kailangan talaga yang Death Penalty. Ang problema pa dyan sabi nila sa Muntinlupa, more than 1,000 na daw ang nakaistambay, sabi ko hindi problema yan, magpatay ka lang ng sampu araw-araw, 

"Kagaya sa akin, sabi nila ako yung pumapatay ng De Lima pati si Etta. Ako lang ang tig-takot! Sinasabi ko itapon kita diyan sa bangkerohan, pero kung sino yung nagtapon talaga diyan sa bangkerohan hindi ako yun, baka kayo!"

This shows how popular and how in line Mayor Duterte is to the sentiment of the people especially with the current wave of crimes and rapes, and death in the Philippines.

I admire the Mayor of Davao. I know it is not possible, but I know he can do something to lessen the crime in politics in the Philippines if ever he become president of the Philippines. Together with Miriam, they will truly be a perfect tandem.

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