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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why You Could Be Banned or Blacklisted in Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries

Although it is not comprehensive information, and some may not be applicable to all, we all agree that most of the time, the company has the discretion to ban or blacklist expats or OFWs. Since some of the point here is applicable also in all GCC Countries, we added GCC countries in the title of the blog.

OFWs and Expats in general cannot enter one country once blacklisted for criminal reasons. In a news from Arab Times dated July 20, 2014, it says:

 "The Gulf Cooperation Council countries have already started applying a law that bans any expatriate deported from one of the GCC countries from entering the rest of the GCC countries, Annahar daily quoted reliable sources as saying. They said the new law is based on the GCC security pact. Moreover, the country which deports an expatriate will be allowed to take his fingerprints and share the information including the fingerprints with the rest of the GCC countries to protect the Gulf organization from any exterior hazards."

In another news, from Gulf Daily dated September 20, 2014, expats that are blacklisted by a Gulf country could be denied entry to all GCC states.

"Labour ministers from the GCC will next month discuss the proposal, which will also include setting up a unified immigration database of all expatriates deported from each of the six states."

7.. Immoral acts like Adultery, Prostitution, Soliciting Sex and other immoral behaviors that is against the law. Possession of pornographic materials can sometimes lead to deportation. Caught being with boyfriend or girlfriend can also sometimes ground for deportation.

8. Holding fake driving license and other ID's, bribery and other acts of corruption.

9. Manufacturing or selling liquor and other alcoholic beverages na nakakalasing.

Image from Emirates247

Two Filipino we knew was blacklisted by their company for padding the time sheet or adding names supposedly a manpower to the list and receiving the salary for themselves.

Also reminder lang po sa mga over 65 years old and still working baka po sa bakasyon di na kayo makabalik.

Itong mga nakalistang mga bagay bagay ay ayun sa mga naipong kaalaman at suhestiyon mula sa mga kapwa OFW sa Saudi Arabia. Kung may mga katanungan, hinihikayat namin ang mga OFW na magtanong sa Embahada, at Kunsulada at POLO officers para sa legal na kasagutan.