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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why You Could Be Banned or Blacklisted in Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries

Although it is not comprehensive information, and some may not be applicable to all, we all agree that most of the time, the company has the discretion to ban or blacklist expats or OFWs. Since some of the point here is applicable also in all GCC Countries, we added GCC countries in the title of the blog.

OFWs and Expats in general cannot enter one country once blacklisted for criminal reasons. In a news from Arab Times dated July 20, 2014, it says:

 "The Gulf Cooperation Council countries have already started applying a law that bans any expatriate deported from one of the GCC countries from entering the rest of the GCC countries, Annahar daily quoted reliable sources as saying. They said the new law is based on the GCC security pact. Moreover, the country which deports an expatriate will be allowed to take his fingerprints and share the information including the fingerprints with the rest of the GCC countries to protect the Gulf organization from any exterior hazards."

In another news, from Gulf Daily dated September 20, 2014, expats that are blacklisted by a Gulf country could be denied entry to all GCC states.

"Labour ministers from the GCC will next month discuss the proposal, which will also include setting up a unified immigration database of all expatriates deported from each of the six states."

7.. Immoral acts like Adultery, Prostitution, Soliciting Sex and other immoral behaviors that is against the law. Possession of pornographic materials can sometimes lead to deportation. Caught being with boyfriend or girlfriend can also sometimes ground for deportation.

8. Holding fake driving license and other ID's, bribery and other acts of corruption.

9. Manufacturing or selling liquor and other alcoholic beverages na nakakalasing.

Image from Emirates247

Two Filipino we knew was blacklisted by their company for padding the time sheet or adding names supposedly a manpower to the list and receiving the salary for themselves.

Also reminder lang po sa mga over 65 years old and still working baka po sa bakasyon di na kayo makabalik.

Itong mga nakalistang mga bagay bagay ay ayun sa mga naipong kaalaman at suhestiyon mula sa mga kapwa OFW sa Saudi Arabia. Kung may mga katanungan, hinihikayat namin ang mga OFW na magtanong sa Embahada, at Kunsulada at POLO officers para sa legal na kasagutan.



Unknown said...


tanung lang po ako regarding sa ng bakasyun lang po asawa ko pero di napo siya bumalik incase po na gusto niyang bumalik at sa ibang hospital makakabalik papo ba siya hindi siya mag kaka problema? or ano po ang dapat namin gawin para di siya magkaproblema almost 1 year napo siya.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone caught doing most of these ten reasons will be beheaded not banned.

Anonymous said...

Several Filipinas working as maids in Saudi & Kuwait have told me that despite their work contract promising one day off per week, they get no days off in 2 or 3 years and are obliged to work 17 hour days minimum,sometimes 20 hours a day and their employers try very hard to get them to convert to Islam.

Unknown said...

I would like to request to your kind office the termination of my contract here at Global Scale for the reason that our employer Mr. Naveed Aziz owner and director of this company. I would like to enumerate some section of the contract that violated.

1. Number 5 of the Master Employment Contract

Regular working hours : Maximum 8 hours per day, six days a week.

We are working here more than 8 hours and the company does not pay us the extra hours in our job. We were forced to work 10 hours a day, six days a week. Even when we are working outside the company. I was forced to drive their service vehicle without having a drivers license. I drove their vehicle even in midnight just to come back to Riyadh. and not being compensated for the extra hours.

2. Number 10 of the Master Employment Contract

Free emergency medical and dental services and facilities including medicine

This is a case were I was suffering pains at the right side of my body. I went to a polyclinic to have myself checked and see to it what is my problem. There I got my medical result and was adviced to go immediately to their recommended hospital at Obeid Specialized Hospital. At that hospital they send me immediately at their isolation. They took blood samples and they gave me dextrose at that time. After an hour the diagnosis of the physician came and that from his diagnosis I have Constructive Jaundice. In his diagnosis it is also written there the estimated amount of 26000 SAR that the company will pay. I ask for what is this amount for. The nurse told me this includes x-ray, ultrasound, medicine and maybe an operation. As was with the employee of Mr. Naveed at that time. He called someone and they talked about my situation at the hospital. He told me that they want me to pull--out of that hospital for they will look for another hospital for me. Its been one month already that I was not sent to any hospital. I was pulled-out of the hospital without finishing my dextrose. In this Mr. Naveed never gave me any medical attention and he violated this under this contract. This happened twice.

3. Number 14 section B

In this section I have the right to terminate my contract to Mr. Naveed without serving any notice. Serious insult, Inhuman and Unbearable treatment. He wanted me to work even I am suffering from pain. He still wanted me to drive, continue my job even when iI am sick, never to pay the days when I could not work. he wanted me to get my own ticket for my repatriation before he give me my exit and re-entry. He reduce my requested 2 months for treatment to 1 month.

4. Number 14 section C

Termination due to illness.

At this section I want to terminate my contract to Mr. Naveed on the ground of illness that am suffering here. this is not just an ordinary illness and it needs medication when it comes to liver problem. And Mr. Naveed should pay or shoulder the cost of repatriation.

This letter was sent at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh before when I left Saudi Arabia. I am thinking of applying to another Arab Country like Bharain. Will i be bannde in going here.

Anonymous said...

rajalakshmi hospital in bangalore blacklisted...gcc country